IDon'tHaveAFootFetish   Hillingdon, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
15-20 fps

and yes i have chris maxframes config

Diabetø: meanwhile poland is like the best at volleyball and like decent at poland

footy: i forgot about the paint in paintballing

footy: 16 x 18
Diabetø: 138
Diabetø: ez
footy: hehe
footy: is it
Diabetø: i hope
footy: 288
footy: more like
Diabetø: oh ye
footy: u rete
Diabetø: truew
Diabetø: idk
Diabetø: im tired
footy: ye
footy: gnight
Diabetø: i just realised
Diabetø: that...
footy: wort
Diabetø: i did 16x8
Diabetø: i kinda forgot about the 10
footy: no
footy: u failed at 16 x 8 as well
footy: thats 128
Diabetø: well u hsould kys
footy: :)

Cliad: Damn son
footy: ?
Cliad: Just ate a bag of carrors
Cliad: carrots*
footy: why?
Cliad: It good
footy: Erm
footy: k

Diabetø: im typig eith one hand
footy: EW
footy: dont fap when ur talking to me
footy: das gay
Diabetø: itd hard to do it quivkly
Diabetø: nah i just lean to one side of my chair so i can only reach my keyboard with one hand
footy: u said u were playing minecraft..
Diabetø: i got rekt ;-;

Diabetø: what course are we doing for science
Diabetø: cgp or something
footy: ..
Diabetø: idfk
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What you posred on Runyx's profile was beautiful.
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added because he is a good sport
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+rep great trader. great player. my fave team-mate would fuck again