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The highly anticipated review for me, because The Saints are special to me, unique as a part. Game, which was theoretically last chance, and last hope for THQ, was the biggest money injection they got, and they still wasn't able to stock up money, to cover up the bancrupt. THQ was with us since 1989, and it's hard to believe, that they're just gone ... Their message was sent through their games. Lots of their projects has been sold to those, who aren't capable of putting it to top level (I won't mention no one, because I have always respected work of the developers).

Saints Row: The Third as a game, and THQ as a dev has point from me, because they were in need of money, but they still wanted to be themselves, and didn't caught up with standard game bussiness model (using same old tactics, to be successful on the market).
SR3 is attacking sandbox genre with its uniqueness, and it's conquering with Grand Theft Auto series way more smart. GTA always trying to be realistic with a bit of "american dream" .. SR3 doing opposite - total rampage, crazyness without limits, absolute unrealistic b-sh*t, octopuses on our heads, dancing pandas, fetish pedestrians, Safeword crib, big dild*s, robotic pu*sy penetrators.

Game is tribute to money, drugs, sex, fetish, and dolls, and that's why I love it.

Story is about the rise, about motivation and work to be, what you want to be. The Saints came to Steelport with 0 on bank account, without weapons, without connexions, but with DETERMINATION to conquere whole Steelport and they did it. (Of course I'm not taking it serious) Cutscenes are done pretty well, dialougues are well-written, brilliant, and epic funny. Characters was picked up correctly, almost every one from The Saints are unforgetable - Zimos, Shaundi, Pierce, Oleg, Kinzie and Angel of course.

Story-line is written like you finally think it's over, but it's not even in halfway. Like 3 times I thought it's over, but it wasn't, and I was glad, that story of killing anyone who came to our way continues. Behind story missions there are plenty of "activities" and activities to be done. Like 36 assasinations, 30 car hijacks, 41 challenges, and around 40 activities to be needed done, for taking over Steelport.
Buying shops, and drug labs :X Upgrading mansions and cribs improving your control of the streets, money income and respect. You can tune up almost every car in-game, or find armored street-cleaner car and run over Zombies. Steal a jet, and fck up day of police officers, or just grab a tank, and roll through the streets, and running over cars. In CO-OP even better.

Soundtrack is great, playlist on the radios are solid .. Most significant is track POWER from Kanye West from My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album. This track in original describes power of Kanye, but it's almost accurate, to describe power of The Saints.

In the whole game, there's only 1 thing I actually don't like, and it is level-design. Artificially increased effort, of making game harder, just ain't worked, it was still so easy, but it just look stupid. I will name some situations .. For example, you had to steal military boat. It was just chilling on the water, behind the military camp. When you sneaked from back-side, and tried to stole the boat, it was just still marked on the map, but you couldn't deliver it, because you had to enter the military base, to earn 4 wanted stars, and then you was able to deliver it... Really stupid, and this happening almost every-time in the game, but it doesn't matter that much, because this game is untouchable!

Bonus Point: Shaundi
[h1]Rating: 10/10[/h1]
Quality of games ain't killed THQ ... Software piracy did.
Thanks for awesome 23 years with you .. Farewell THQ.
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