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Kinda quitting tf2 bye :o
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idk what to put here
afc11-OTCD 6th place as Scout.
idk what more to put here either.

nukwu :3 - dont fap at night trust me

︻╦╤─: gay af who plays pugs
Slurg Legend: non-gay ppl do
︻╦╤─: are you assuming my gender
︻╦╤─: and my sexuality
Slurg Legend: yes
︻╦╤─: too bad im a helicopter
︻╦╤─: i cant be gay
︻╦╤─: please dont quote that
Slurg Legend: quoted
Slurg Legend: cya

famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: bye noob
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: :DDD
AiLah: K back
AiLah: Lets have sex at 10:20
AiLah: Pm
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: hello noob
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: 2late
AiLah: Brb preparing my lotion
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: alr with another person
AiLah: Lol n0 we threesome
AiLah: Rekt
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: no my room no enough for 3
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: only me and zel
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: thats it
AiLah: Then we have sex at bathroom
AiLah: Zel on toilet
AiLah: U and me on showe
AiLah: R
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: i only want my bed
AiLah: :)
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: others
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: are shits
AiLah: Then zel fu ksur asshole then while giving me a blowjob
AiLah: :)
AiLah: K this is weird
AiLah: Dont share it thx
famcy QS>BP 80k Pure: quoted

저는 게이입니다: k no need
저는 게이입니다: it says i am
저는 게이입니다: i am gay
저는 게이입니다: in korean
저는 게이입니다: we were fighting a korean team
저는 게이입니다: for my hl match
famcy: \
famcy: hm
저는 게이입니다 is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.
famcy: and this is how u pretend yourself to koreans
famcy: hm ok makes sense
저는 게이입니다: yes

Slurg is gayman
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