Johnmary Lefthand   Italy
"Welcome to the losers club, asshole"
( ͡w ͜+ ͡m1)

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- You can call me Bluff or flesky
- 15 years old
- Italian Youtuber []
- Scout Main
- I'm not selling ANYTHING from my inventory, so stop with the pointless scam attempts.
- Artwork by SmavionX (yep, that's me)

YOU CANNOT ADD ME... (in order of importance)
-...if you are a man but you use a girl/anime girl as the profile picture (and viceversa)
-...if you your name has the words "cat" ":3" "♥" "💜" "killer" "shadow" "dark" and other shitty adjectives
-...if you have 4000$ hats but you use stock loadout on casual servers
-...if you say "ez" after a shitty casual match
-...if your profile is full of hearts
-...if you have a private profile
-...if i hate you
-...if... idk, but i'll quickly find a reason

- fov_desired 90
- viewmodel_fov 90 (70 for scout)
- minimized wiewmodels
- bearHUD
- woolen sleevelet's maxframe config (it is a "little bit" different from the stock one: when i press mouse 2 it switches to secondary weapon o_0)
- resolution: 1280x720
- 2.60 mouse sensibility w/ raw imput
- custom crosshair (found it on the description of a twitch streamer)
- bind p "kill"
- bind l "say website porn adsite makes my wifi go dipshit for my love"
- bind o "say describe this match from 1 to 10"
- bind k "say ( ͡w ͜+ ͡m1)"

BEST FRIENDS (not in order of importance)
- Gambi
- Lawrenzi
- Smavion
- Alexandra
- Taccons
- Drag
- JumberJeddah
- Biedro Smusi
- Stelio Kontos
- Staminaxe
- Riff
- Mango

amazarashi - Sora Ni Utaeba
Warak - Reanimate
Odjob - Otto Croy
Teddybears - Cobrastyle
Smash Mouth - I'm A Believer did you except all star? ahahaahha
King Dedede Theme - Drum & Bass
Set It Off - Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You U p
a-ha - Take On Me

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jumberjeddah | R.I.P. Nov 13 @ 11:51am 
you have been visit by the great wall of trump
post to 5 profile to make america great again
🍥🍥niko🍥🍥 Nov 13 @ 9:02am 
Mi sembra un ottima persona credo anche giocatore e purtroppo è un po burbero e simpatico Iscrivetevi nel suo canale YouTube ci sta e viva me il signor Cow🐄🐄🐄
Vinia Nov 13 @ 7:50am 
lightning8031 Nov 12 @ 10:13am 
Gambi succed me
Vinia Nov 10 @ 7:33am