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Posted: Jun 12, 2016 @ 6:45am

I felt compelled to write this review and put in my two cents after 6,000 hours of gameplay. This game is fun and you will most likely find it fun but you have to find the right people, there are loads of servers gmod is just not one game its more of multiple games in one, want to roleplay as a drug dealer? Sure. Want to play minigames and try and win at football? You can do that.

It is critical that you have additional content such as C:SS. C:SS is the most important game for gmod as many servers and maps require its content if you don't have C:SS you will have a bad time. Most of the time you will be playing multiplayer and you will experience many different types of people. Its not all rainbows and chocolate you can meet the friendliest people and the rudest. Please don't let that effect your choice on buying this game.

The stock content of gmod is not where the game shines, the game shines with its different multiplayer gamemodes and addons on the workshop I personally love zombie based gamodes, where you can defend off hores of zombies as a example of what you can do on gmod, gmod is more of a platform for others its more like the base. The game is really made by its multiplayer community. I'd really recommend playing and exploring this game with friends as it can make it so much better than when you're alone.

Garry's mod is where you can make your creativity shine, be what you want in roleplay build a fortress and defend against others. Make giant genital statues it is up to you.

Lots of people playing, many populated servers.
You can be creative and install many addons.
Many gamemodes to choose from.
You can get lots of playtime out of this.

Performance varies due to the lack of multi-core support.
Lots of servers require additional content, mainly C:SS but there are other games aswell.
As a new player it may be slightly overwhelming.
Development of the game has certainly slowed down, facepunch studios are focusing on other things.

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