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PIG_BONER: I barely know anything about your ability to play TF2 other than you've been playing Pyro for like 3 years

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This game is bad I quit

Tεαм Fσятяεƨƨ 2

UGC Hıɢнʟαпɔεя
Season 10 Steel (Red)- Right to Kill Starting Pyro

Season 11 Silver- Skill May Vary Starting Pyro (Backup Soldier in a few scrims)

Season 12 Silver- Gnartown Maximus Starting Pyro

Season 13 Gold- 2000-2001 Los Angeles Lakers Starting Pyro

Season 14 Gold- Dedoris Starting Pyro

Season 15 Gold- Dedoris Starting Pyro

Season 16 Gold- Arstotzka Sub Pyro

Season 17 Gold- No Breaks Starting Pyro

Season 18 Gold- DOES IT Starting Pyro

Season 19 Silver- Pyro Lives Matter Starting Engineer

Season 22 Platinum- Second Wind Sub Pyro

Season 23 Silver- Prime Time Sleepers Multi Sub

Season 24 Platinum- lft, maybe lfp, idk gimme a week or two and I'll figure it out

Oтнεя Eхρεяıεпcε
ETF2L EU Highlander Season 7 Div 6- Latency Issues Starting Sniper

ETF2L EU Highlander Season 9 Mid- Latency Issues Backup whatever (1st Place)

AndyVitch Cup NA 4V4 Senior- Pumpkin Patch All-Stars Backup Soldier/Pyro/Sniper

UGC NA 4V4 Season 2 Gold- Chigga is pretty good All-Class Backup

UGC NA 4V4 Season 4 Gold- DOORS FOORS All-Class Backup

UGC NA (oh god) Silver 6v6 Season 25- why? Starting whatever

TF2 Item Names

Cranial Carchoradon- Heart

Degreaser- Iron Maiden

Flare Gun- Tenacious D

Shotgun- Black Sabbath

Scorch Shot- Van Halen

Powerjack- Metallica

Axtinguisher- Tenacious D

Airwolf Sniper Rifle- Metallica

Bot Killer Scattergun- It's a quote delivered by Mari Makinami in the English dub of Evangelion 2.22. I can't find the clip on youtube though...

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Rhy Nov 7 @ 6:27am 
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veronica ♥ Oct 31 @ 12:10pm 
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Ink Oct 26 @ 9:35am 
It's okay dad.
smol lychee yum yum Oct 21 @ 11:40am 
The update is here, it's your time to shine, my fellow pyro mains!
master of the dark arzt Oct 2 @ 12:06pm 

2w.Pyrrhus Aug 19 @ 11:34am 
June: 2w S22 Okayest memes award.