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California, United States
When the fires of summer heat you, they will follow.
Welcome to Warden's New Profile (Divine on Jailbreak servers)

Look for more opportunities, and alas it will only get better.

I am a person who looks for games from an all-around perspective, and I wish to keep it that way by continuing to find time to spend (when available) on other games, not just one main game. This explains why my current rank is only Gold Nova II in CS:GO.

Battle.net tag: Warden#12136
Current Overwatch Rank: Gold
I do not own WoW on this account.
I don't really play HotS that often, only casually.

Will still do Flamewater for Summer (June-November) and Frostwater (December-May).
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I'm going to redesign this box over the week. It will feature new things, I guess.
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Now this might seem pretty tough for me to write about: so why not I write about it...

System / Notifications
Probably the most annoying thing to deal with in this game. You will need to hit ESC and disable practically all the notifications because they literally spam the top of your screen. Once you disable the notifications, it probably won't be as bad.

Chat / Social Game
Arguably the dumbest part (aside from the system/notifications (see above). You want to disable it if you do not want to read bad content. Especially when you start seeing things like "traps" or "alienware" memes (they are annoying, but funny when you read it yourself).

People don't seem to get it.

Steam Price
$10 is not half bad for this - honestly thought when I purchased the Explorer's Package when it was on sale for $25, I think I got my deal for sure.

Pearl Shop
I wouldn't be that surprised about this. A cash shop in a $10 game isn't too bad, considering I've seen worse cash grabs on actual Free-To-Play games. I don't fall for them.

Inventory Management
You can't just hoard silver coins, they weigh your character down.
This might be tough to explain for new players, they'll think they need to purchase an inventory slot expansion with the pearls (cash shop).
Maybe a less obstructive method to this?

This is a very well-told story. I'm only Level 27 (8.3 hours played) as of this writing.

XIGN rootkit?
People who write about this are a bit dumb. I do not notice anything wrong, it kind of acts like Blizzard's "Warden" program installed in their app. So, treat it as such, it is not intended to wear down your PC or anything. People who say it does, well you got a problem when you reviewed this game at first glance. BOTTOM LINE: DO NOT CHEAT. I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE.

Rating: 9.3 / 10.0

+ Housing System
+ Life Skills
+ Great Story
+ Leveling is fairly grindy and not fully reliant on quests (see next point)
* Quests give contribution points, which give you an edge in future levels

/ (neutral)
/ Has graphical lag issues even with a decent PC on high settings

- Needs to not have notifications spam at top for new players
- Chat is not the best of mind for an open world game
- Very grindy quests (if you do not like that kind of playstyle)

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Note: comments are back for public posting, but if I find dumb things I'll just remove them. FYI: I will be reviewing more of my steam library over this week before the summer sale
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