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I've realized that Steam Sales and my wallet are locked in a bitter rivalry. I wish I had more time to play games and be idle, but work, work, work... I now mostly play with my controller, and single player games. I just don't have the time to devote to multiplayer to become any good at most games or get involved in too many communities. If you want to add me on PSN, it's the same profile name. I also really, really enjoy modding games. Sometimes even more so than playing them.
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This game surprised me. I saw it on Greenlight and voted "No." I saw it in my Store Queue and clicked "Not Interested." Then I saw Jesse Cox playing it on Youtube, and thought well this actually looks more fun than I thought. It went on sale on Humble, and now I have it, played it, loved it, and now have over 70 hours sunk and all the achievements.

The gameplay mechanics are pretty solid, and it feels like it actually brings a bit of strategy and planning to the match 3 formula. I like how you have a limted set of moves, and it's more about setting up big matches in specific colors while trying to avoid the dreaded purple match. Picking the right "date gifts" to bring along has an almost Magic: the Gathering combo building fun element to it as well.

The art is wonderful, and the characters are actually some of the most fleshed out female characters I've ever seen in a video game. I like how it's not judgemental of characters who may have had children, and it's also one of the most diverse casts I've seen as well without feeling stereotypical.

If you switch between the male and female protagonist, you'll start to notice that all the male pronouns seem to have been recorded separately from the main dialogue and inserted after the fact, which makes an barely noticeable shift in dialogue recording.

Again, I really loved this game, especially on the harder modes, where you have to use all your planning ahead and gift comboing abilities to their utmost in order to clear levels. All in all, though, my wife was better and probably enjoyed the game more so...

My wife Stacey's Review below:

At first I was confused by the moaning sounds coming from the other room. Then I came in to see my husband playing a bejeweled game instead of watching porn. Much more confusing. Then I tried it out with him and really enjoyed it. I'm actually far better at this game than he is and unlocked most of the Achievements. This game helped our Marriage. Would do Jessie again anytime. Older woman who knew what she wanted, rerrr. Audrey can go die in a d*ck fire, and I wouldn't p*ss on her to save her.
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An Early Muggy Morning in IC. mods recommended: Better Cities, All Natural, OBGE, Unique Landscapes, and Streamline.
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And I was getting tired of notifications stating I had an unused showcase spot, so pointless custom info box it is. If anyone knows how to unlock other, more, different, or better showcases, than what I've got, feel free to comment.

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Zzoyd Dec 14, 2014 @ 2:34pm 
I used to think I had too many steam games. Then I saw your profile. :)
Lkhiggi Jul 14, 2012 @ 11:29pm 
YES I would like a free copy of Torchlight!