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Keening Garbs
Collection by Fewes
Cradle of Light
Collection by Fewes
This is our Spring 2015 Keeper of the Light set! It includes a custom mount with two styles of armor as well as a custom Illuminate Spirit Stag.
EGM's Gales of Ancestry
Collection by Fewes
Official Windranger set in the style of Jerry "EGM" Lundkvist!
Braided Mysteries
Collection by Fewes
Set for Templar Assassin!
Garbs of the Eastern Range
Collection by Fewes
Our Spring 2014 Invoker set, now with two cape and hair styles!
KuroKy's Set of the Cruel Magician
Collection by Fewes
Made by Fewes and Buntcake in collaboration with KuroKy! For in-game pictures, please check out the individual item pages
Set of the Keltic Ranger
Collection by Fewes
After working on this for a million years, here it finally is: a set for one of our favorite heroes. Hope you like it!
The Royal Guard's Set
Collection by Fewes
Royal Guard set for Drow Ranger! I'm no good at descriptions!
Traxex' Winter Collection
Collection by Fewes
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