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Scinyl 12 mei om 11:57 
Can't wait to have actual yiff in VR, the dream is real
Loomis 9 mei om 21:58 
Hey dude! I've been enjoying your work for a while ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). I'm also super hyped for R2CK. It would be really awesome if you added me!
Tiky 14 apr om 22:24 
The British Wolf 27 mrt om 13:35 
You know, I recently remembered one of my favorite bard songs from NeverWinter Nights! ^^
"I once dated a girl from Galarna. The things that she could do with a ba-"

0-0 Ahem... Nevermind. <.<
Jimmy The Mick 24 mrt om 1:35 
++REP!, Inspired me to be a game developer
McBore 14 mrt om 17:02 
Love your work!