"Tempest" Feir Irae   Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(Past 20 Years)

By my Uncle, I was born & raised on UT99(Early teens). After UT, I moved on to MMO's -Anakama's Dofus and The Lord of the Rings Online. Between those two games, there was a space arcade game: Subspace Continuum(Late Teens-Early Twenties). Then along came Steam, and with it L4D/2 & Portal. Lastly, after my L4D stint came Minecraft. (Early Twenties to Mid-Late Twenties)

I've been a part of some major groups(Clans) in my time as a gamer. UT & it's iterations had me with Chaptor One & Out Cast Snipers. In LOTR:O I was with Conclave of Shadows & Best of the Best. Left 4 Dead/2 brought me into some fun times with some Old Slammers... This leaves me with Minecraft, I spent a time as a player and staff member of kreatious!

I wouldn't trade those family like experiances for anything in the world, but now it's time for me to play the lone soldier.

(Currently back into LOTR:O with Middle Earth Riders)
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Pigggy Jul 30, 2012 @ 9:00am 
Turn arroundddd bright eyessssss!
{NS} Las Brisas Feb 12, 2012 @ 3:29pm 
Hey Feir i had a blast last nite couldnt stop laughing !