SiKlOpC: She sometimes come and say
SiKlOpC: Not so loud

msmallx 。。。 : whats foreskin
soft foreskin : the tip of ur penis
msmallx 。。。 : oh
soft foreskin : (° ͜ つ°)

sad: I liked a girl a year younger than me
sad: not a pedo
big FAT girls: PEDO
sad: OI
big FAT girls: k putting in my profile
big FAT girls: HAAHAHA
big FAT girls: WTF

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famcy Sep 23 @ 8:52am 
This guy is so meanie weirdo and lewd especially to kid like me. Me is very young like twelb yeares old. And And this stranger guy ask me to lick him. I is so scare and he say i will rape u , i call him lewd den i run away but i veri smoll so dis strangu gai catch me and he was about to rapi mi so i sei to he pis no rapu i stil yong den he sei he lik young. dis he is so lewd but i nu choie so i ask he if he heb kondoom bud he sey no nid kondoom purepure is btr.i no choie sou dis sgui rep mi it wes fun but he did los he virginity so it was good trade.
Mokky Sep 19 @ 2:05am 
Seriously? After 20 minutes of getting to choke this gorgeous girl with his cock, two little poots of cum is all he could manage? Pathetic. I registered an account just so I could leave this comment in hopes he sees it one day. Fronting like you're some alpha male, while Elizabeth is performing her heart out, and what do you give her? Two tiddlywinks of cum? I've never felt so personally offended by porn before. You're a real asshole, pal.
fap: i feel like fapping now Sep 17 @ 12:44am 
bann Sep 9 @ 12:06am 
Weaboo fuk
join the lineage revolution now
far Sep 7 @ 10:43am 
is this a revolution