Fated Soul Blake「愛和」
Captain Food Science   Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Man, games are pretty easy if you don't actually play them.
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啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 ! 啊 !

After a year of bein butthurt bout Madoka, I took tha time ta watch it fo' mah dirty ass tha other day. All I can say niggas, is dat I have never had a anime touch mah heart so deeply before.
Madoka Magica has done cooked up mah crazy ass be thinkin bout tha ghetto up in a whole freshly smoked up way. Da mo' I be thinkin bout it, tha mo' I understand. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! It aint nuthin but comfortin n' strange all up in tha same stupid-ass time. I be a entire different person, I don't give a fuck if I can go back. I might have ta build a cold-ass lil church. I have ta spread tha word. Y'all KNOW dat shit, muthafucka! I have ta let gangstas know what tha fuck kind of ghetto dat they is livin in!

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PSN ID: Fated-Soul-Blake

My character's name in FFXIV is AiusFlorre, but I don't need to change my Steam name to that niggas. (Server: Cactaur)

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Walletm@ster [myfigurecollection.net]
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