Kihkelikhuken Finkelstig   Western Finland, Finland
Whether you found me through ______ or just looking for people, feel free to add me.

Random info

I'm a combination of many things, here are some of them:
Metalhead [en.wikipedia.org] I do listen other music tho
Finnish [en.wikipedia.org] I know just about no Finnish
Furry [en.wikipedia.org] Lets just hope you have nothing against Furries.

Random unnecessary facts about me

- My MBTI is ISFJ (Google it)

- I'm an Ambivert, which is a mix of Introvert and Extrovert

- I study art, have decent education in a couple Adobe programs

- I'm a professional Kazoo player (totally true)

- My handedness is cross-dominant (i'm left handed but draw, game etc. with my right)

- I started PC gaming only a couple years back, even though i have played games my entire life (not kidding)

- My music taste is VERY broad. This is how it can go: Metal -> Swing -> Happy Rave

...Yeah. If you still don't think i'm weird, just try talking with me, i'm nowhere close this formal when i talk to people i have known for a while

Songs i like:
Flag In The Ground my favourite song from my favourite band
No Swingin' In Your Walkin'
Random other songs: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
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Cute lesbian May 19 @ 10:19pm 
Glory to Gabistan
Cute lesbian May 19 @ 10:19pm 
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Cutie <3 May 14 @ 7:28am 
-rep big furfag >:^(, get it... heheh... ok, I'll leave
{KKK} FattyPatty May 12 @ 2:12am 
Sä oot neegeri
Garcy Mar 22 @ 11:25am 
-rep tried to scam me
Garcy Mar 19 @ 10:58am 
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