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Tatty : We scrimmed 6 times a day and then Carnage started talking about how he cried himself to sleep, so we're not doing that again.

Some edgy kid : 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% mercs and a 100% reason to remember the scrim

ME and Quake : Scrim calls : Magic mike up in this bitch -> The third one was bad -> Have you seen godfather? -> Shrek was an exception

Me and Xyz : -Fanboy look at my arrows im missing!
-Yeah thats a Tatty cosplay.

Tatty : I was good with the amby for a solid 2 days.

Xyz and Carnage : -Youre so shit
-Your moms toaster

Tatty : We're gonna measure time by Carnages niggers.

Fucking everyone in a process scrim : MMMMMMMMM mmmmmm mMMMMM mmmMMM mmmMMMM mmMMMMMMm mmMmmmmmmMMMM mmMmmMMM mmmMMmmm.

Tatty : Despite Carnage just underperforming, he brings so much meme.

Tatty during vigil maptalk : I' ll take a screenshot of my D and send it to you (talking about the big D on the wall that was not showing up)

Tatty G: is it weird even tho i just shaved my balls n shit i can smell more sweat

Alpaca: Carnage is not an asshole, he is jut autistic

wrench: GoldDigger, more like a stupid nig....

im a med main : http://logs.tf/1695049

an average game : http://logs.tf/876356#76561198062186529

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i wont beg you
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