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Multiple game bans on record | Info
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I make videos on YouTube. You probably don't like them, but I still make them anyway so check them out! All my links are below. BEFORE you send me a friend request. Post a comment on my profile.

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Here are all of the frequent questions I get asked. Please read before you attempt to ask me any further questions.


I am a Gamer and a programmer I am developer at Surface Entertainment. I like to play games when i am not busy with school(High School Student) or developing. My Programming Languages are below.

:polyplayer: PHP
:polyplayer: LUA
:polyplayer: C#
:polyplayer: Learning SQF

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Large White Van Nov 13 @ 7:44pm 
-rep he faps to pewdiepie and girls stabbing themself on doki doki lit club. he said it was a 10/10
Zeus Nov 13 @ 4:59pm 
noooooooooo my rep
Zeus Nov 13 @ 4:59pm 
Large White Van Nov 13 @ 3:27pm 
this man is gay af and i tell him to kill himself everyday but he wont -rep
☭Bucket☭ Oct 9 @ 7:09am 
i wanna be admin on mexican border
certee Sep 14 @ 2:36pm 
Every time I say goodbye I cry a little
Every time I say goodbye I die a little
Every time I say goodbye