I do the same fucking shit everyday. Everyday feels like Sunday i cannot escape. My mind is sick my mind is fucking sick. I am not satisfied with anything. I do not care about progressing in life. Throughout my life i cared about other people who did not care about me. No one truly cares anyway. Life is just a waste of time. My life​ especially. Even though my family says they care. Deep down they don't. Friends will come and go. Yk(you know). My fucking life is a joke and I'm truly lost in life. My friend saved my life. My friend saved my fucking life.It's getting less stressful and crazy now but I'm still lost. I SEE THE FAKE HUMANS AND THEIR FAKE SMILES WITH THEIR FAKE LOVE. I'll fucking kill all of them. I'm not crazy i truly am not. The only reason I'm alive is because of the people who were there for me when i was crying desperately for help. Help. Help. my real family is dead to me. But i will always love them. They didn't want to accept the fact that i was fucked up. You're not depressed you're not sad you're wasting your time. They didn't get it until it was over. I saw everything before it happened no one cared until they saw me progressing. Losing friends was the best thing that happened to me. Now people come in my life. i am very grateful for them and everyone around me. I constantly get let down. I always got let down. Maybe cause i expect so much from people who truly don't give a fuck about me. I got attached to people i shouldn't have. I expect too much. Might as well say fuck 'em and fuck it. I'll die alone. Hahaha. I'm such a fuckin pussy. Depressed, hopeless well at least i know who i am.
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