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Comp Stuff:
OWL 12: High Rollers - Scout Div 4 - 6th Place (Most Improved Team)
OWL 13: U ¢ Me - (Sub) Scout Div 3 - 1st Place
OWL 14: Pregame Tryhards - Scout Div 4 - 2nd Place
Ozfortress Summer Cup 2016: The Resurrected Six - Scout - Tied 5th Place
OZF 15: The Resurrected Six - Scout Intermediate - 1st Place (Best Utillity, Most Improved Team)
OZF 16: Technical Difficulties - Scout Premier - 6th Place
UGC HL S15: Distortion HL - Scout Platinum - 6th Place
UGC HL S16: The Sexy Nine - Sniper Platinum - 6th Place
UGC HL S17: Spy's got a Wizard Hat - Demo Steel - Invited to Aus/Nz Steel All-Stars
UGC HL S19: Kamikaze Division - Sniper Platinum - 3rd Place
UGC 4s S8 (lol): St0rmy Fan Club - Scout - 1st Place
RFLAN #51 TF2 Tournament: umad - Scout - 1st Place
RFLAN #57 Overwatch Tournament: Rotatous Nobodies - Dps - 1st Place
(Other various teams)

Specs and Peripherals:
Graphics Card - Nvidia Geforce GTX 1060
CPU - Intel Core i7- 4790k 4GHz
RAM - 16GB Memory
Hard Drive - 1TB SATA Hard Drive Disk
Monitor - Benq XL2430T
Mouse - Asus Gladius II
Mouse Mat/Surface - Zowie G-SR
Headset - Sennheiser Game Zero
Keyboard - Asus ROG Claymore Core

Settings( Overwatch ):
In Game Sensitivity - 6
DPI - 800
Polling Rate - 1000Hz

Other Stuff:
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