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This game serves as a bridge to lessen the divide between misconceptions about how one organism can adapt, and eventually lead to the process of evolution of organism populations.

This game is based upon accurate evolutionary phylogenetic lineages:
The user goal is to take the molten Earth, and through processes of
Evolution and Survival of the Fittest, evolve life from simple particles into a
complex ecosystem.

This game serves as a model to demonstrate the individual “small” steps the process of evolution has taken over the course of life’s history. These transitions into a myriad of diverse lifeforms are based on organisms that have actually existed. Evolution Through the Ages takes you through evolutionary accurate process with scientific accuracy and user-friendly interface/gameplay.

Users begin with a few simple atoms from the Periodic Table of Elements responsible for creating the building blocks of life: Phospholipids, amino acids, and even DNA/RNA.
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Want to try before you buy? Evolution Through the Ages has a FREE Trial Version on www.evolutionthroughtheages.com , when you sign up for a free account on the website. Let us know what you think at jacob.stagray@evolutionthroughtheages.com ; all feedback is greatly appreciated!