Josiah   Colorado, United States
Ya ever have a really weird dream? I once had a dream I was walkin' around my neiborhood and all kinds of cats were just a wanderin' around. Then I found my cat and suddenly everything was all icey and I almost slipped down some stairs at a house that doesn't exist. Then my cat and I had to run from a very bad feeling from behind us. So when we got back to the house that the dream started in, which wasn't mine, we sorta collapsed in the entryway. After a second of catching our breath, a kitty reaper came to the door. "Your cat has to come with me now.", but I'm all, "No! My kitty! Bad kitty doesn't get my kitty!". And then I smacked the grim kitty reaper in a karate chop fasion. And then my kitty's all, "YAY!", and I'm all, "YAY!", and then I wake up.
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