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Official In-game Items

- Backstabber's Boomslang (Strongbox Pack) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- BETA LAN 2014 Tournament Medals [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Bomber's Bucket Hat (End of the Line Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Boo Balloon (Scream Fortress IV Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Boxcar Bomber (End of the Line Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Carrion Companion (Scream Fortress V Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Fur-lined Fighter (End of the Line Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Garden Bristles (Scream Fortress VI Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Hurt Locher (Fall Event 2013 Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Pom-Pommed Provocateur (Second Workshop Content Pack) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Prehistoric Pullover (Scream Fortress VII Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Second Opinion (Scream Fortress V Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Snow Stompers (End of the Line Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Unidentified Following Object (Scream Fortress V Update) [wiki.teamfortress.com]

Official Merchandise

- Sentry Stats Reminder Poster [www.welovefine.com]
- ?

End of the Line Item Contributor [www.teamfortress.com]

- Bomber's Bucket Hat [wiki.teamfortress.com] S/G
- Boxcar Bomber [wiki.teamfortress.com] S/G
- Fur-lined Fighter [wiki.teamfortress.com] S/G
- Snow Stompers [wiki.teamfortress.com] S/G
- Scoob 'N Toob S
- Water Wings S

S = Part of the EOTL SFM Short
G = Official In-game Item

Invasion Map Props Contributor [www.teamfortress.com]

Watergate: [wiki.teamfortress.com]
- Beer Bottle Pickup Model
- Delivery Van Model

Winner of the TF2 Emporium Vehicle Map Pack Competition

- 1st Place: Delivery Van [facepunch.com]

Co-creator of the Community TF2 Modding Competition

- ModComp 1: Retrofuturistic [www.chameneon.com]
- ModComp 2: Musique [www.chameneon.com]

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=[P.F.F]= Dafuq? Mar 21 @ 3:04pm 
When I downloaded the Prop Pack from there, there were the Closed, Open, and Resupply versions of your van. Not the SFM Version with the full interior (the doors, the steering wheel, etc.)
Evil_Knevil Mar 21 @ 2:29pm 
It's on TF2Maps.net
=[P.F.F]= Dafuq? Mar 20 @ 9:13am 
Say, I've been browsing the TF2 Vehicle Emporium, and I can't seem to find anywhere to download the SFM version of your Delivery Van prop. It's a really impressive model, and I want to use it in my projects. Help?
TheMrStalin Jan 29 @ 10:10am 
Need to talk to you about pd_watergate
scatty Nov 28, 2016 @ 9:35am 
Hello, I add you because I have a couple of ideas for Team Fortress 2 Items. If you want to talk about this please accept my friend request.
Breaducation Oct 13, 2016 @ 2:01pm 
There's no miscs in that update and I wanted to build a mystery + puzzle set :C