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(For the most part I dont accept random invites.)
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Chandler: *Is sitting*
Sheldon: "You're in my spot."
Chandler: "Your spot? What, did you write your name on it or something?"
Sheldon: "... You're still in my spot."
House and Sherlock: "Idiots."
Tony: "No, but it is a Stark Industries chair. So my name's on it. So get up."
Jack: "Unless of course, he knew you would have your name on the chair so he sat there anyways because he was expecting you to say that but you weren't expecting him to expect you to say that, so he was going to sit there regardless of whose name was on the chair. Savvy?"
Sherlock: "Stop talking. You're lowering the IQ of the entire street."
Chandler: "Stop arguing! You're tearing this family apart!"
Sheldon: "Bazinga."
Bonkle Feb 2 @ 2:31pm 
Part 5 when