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I'm working on a Resident Evil 4 campaign in Left 4 Dead 2. I'm working with Roku and a few others to get the campaign working before we release it.
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Shift_ Aug 15 @ 8:09am 
(sorry for clogging up your comment section, if you wanna talk more about it without clogging it up add me or something xoxo)
Shift_ Aug 15 @ 8:07am 
AnGeR4Dead comes to mind, although the speediness of his runs wasnt really a Speedrun, he just kinda got through it without stopping, we also have people who run on Expert Realism, who also adapt to RNG. RNG does not have to be good to do it. You just hope for it so you can do it faster.
Dopey Face Aug 15 @ 8:04am 
If this is true, I want to know who this is, so I can contact them, and give them an even more ridiculous challenge...
TheMitu97 Aug 15 @ 8:03am 
@Shift_ I know a guy who speedrunned every single campaign solo on realism expert with melee only. This is superhard, but it can be done. RNG must be good, or you're dead.
Shift_ Aug 11 @ 3:26pm 
We usually run on easy, but we run it by running it a fuckton hoping for good rng, and then adapting to the bad rng. like on dark carnival 4, if the fence is there at the start of the level, we common boost over it. we just adapt to our current our enviroment.
Dopey Face Aug 11 @ 1:19pm 
Got a question homie, how do you run such an unfairly random game? Actually, it's not random, it knows what it's doing, but how do you play such a game that changes every single playthrough? And on what difficulty?