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1 tim a man rose from da ocien... his abs was shiny from da seawator and they wer indeed wel sculpted and numerous... he wiped som sweat off his beutiful brow, and sed to da world "i hav arived" and da world shook in teror, and in awe....

his nam was enganox


Noteworthy Competitive TF2 things:
Captain for team Hoomanitee 6s, UGC s22 9th, AFC 10 Div3 7th
Demoman for team Zimbabwe's Incompetent Plebians HL, UGC s22 9th
Multi-class sub for team Boston City Pubbers HL, UGC Asia s24 11th
Co-Captain and Pocket for team Abomination Nation 6s, UGC Asia s24 8th, UGC Asia s25 5th
Co-Captain and Scout for team Abomination Nekos, AFC 12 11th



Processor: Mind numbingly s-- fast G3250!!!
RAM: 8 GB of TF2 Random Access Memorizing!!!
GPU: A monster by the name of R7 260X. Extremely cool, extremely... crispy... Now with exclusive RAINBOW MODE (this graphics card is a dickhead dont get it)
Heat Dissipation: Two fans of a compact size, designed to SUCK hot air out of the case, and blow it in my face. I like to work up a sweat when I play.
HDD: Hitachi excellence, and a beautifully tucked away (behind some wires) laptop toshiba harddrive for extra storing power!
Monitor: Scrumptious monitoring precision, Acer v193HQL, overclocked for TF2 to run at a buttery smooth... 1366 x 768 @75hz.
Mouse: Dragonwar device called G9 THOR, OVER 800 DPI. Extra DPI's for extra DIE. 3.00 sensitivity in game, and getting lower all the time the more pro I get.
Keybored: A1tech. Never heard of it? Well it's got LED lighting mothafocka, for blue, red, and purple. But I exclusively stick to red because it's the color of BLOOOOD.
MOBO: B85 PRO GAMER, because I'm PRO. But I accidentally broke some pins in the socket, so some RAM slots dont work. WHATEVER. I'M PRO.
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this guy is noob...trust me:badchicken:
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One time a man rose from the ocean... his abs were shiny from the seawater and they were indeed well sculpted and numerous... he wiped some sweat off his beautiful brow and said to the world "I have arrived" and the world shook in terror and in awe...

His name was probably not but possibly E n g a n o x
Senior_Chicken Oct 27, 2017 @ 3:28am 
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