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Lazz: mge me
Nerd Stuff

0.923636 In-game and 1800 DPI
25cm per 360
zoom_sensitivity_ratio 1


--- 2017 ---
OZF 20 Intermediate (Scout | 6th) WhoopieShare
OZF 19 Open (Scout | 2nd) talk twisted get fisted
OZF 18 Open (Scout | 1st) WhoopieShare
UGC AUS/NZ Steel HL S20 (Multi-Class Sub | 1st) Apple Juice Daddy
--- 2016 ---
OZF 17 Open (Scout | 8th) Gibuses In Sixes
UGC AUS/NZ Steel 6s S22 (Scout | 6th | Forfiet 80%) Gibuses In Sixes
UGC AUS/NZ Steel 6s S21 (Scout | 5th) Gibuses In Sixes
UGC AUS/NZ Steel HL S20 (Multi-Class Sub | 3rd) Gibuses In Highlander

Nerd Stuff pt. 2

CPU: i7-7700k
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212x
Mobo: MSI Z270 SLI Plus
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX (2x8GB / 3000MHz)
SSD: Samsung 850 EVO 250GB M.2-2280
GPU: Asus GTX 1060 Turbo 6GB
PSU: Corsair RM750x


This would be longer but im too lazy to quote everything lazz says.

"hey you wanna see a sweaty indian" -lazz

"eels, his name feels like he has no presence on the battlefield" - Lazz

"can you film me more" - Lazz

Lazz(wristinjurybacknextyear): If u don't beat me in mge
Lazz(wristinjurybacknextyear): I'm leaving the team

Lazz - can you feel me?
eels - No
Lazz - Why arent you feeling me, man

"adults help line? must be a pussy to call that." - Lazz

Lazz - Dont say bye
eels - bye
Lazz - dont say bye, bye
*waits a few seconds*
Lazz - good obedient shit
eels - bye
Lazz - dont talk back to me
Lazz - im leaving the team
*leaves discord*

"I like my demoman when he is horny, like the horn hat" - Lazz

"Why are you talking to me like i'm special or autistic?" - Lazz

Lazz.: i lost my pipe aim
Lazz.: because i adjusted my seat height

*Talking about stickies in tf2*
"im so sticky" - Lazz
"Lizzie makes me so sticky" - Lazz

"apod is an adult he is probably busy taking care of his kids" - Lazz

"I want to jump on a baby" - Lazz

"hey jana, do you like... fuck" - Lazz

"my mouth doesn't work when my eyes are focusing" - Lazz

Lazz: im a nap

"it makes me very excitement" - Lazz

"im such a man, im eating a man -- mens multi-vitamin" - Lazz

"i can hear you through your eyes" - lazz

eels: private again 8l
eels: why not
4RAR_Lazz: noo
4RAR_Lazz: publix U MUT SLUT
eels: lol
eels: why, you want to look at me some more ;)
4RAR_Lazz: YES
eels: ooooo

Lazz - 10/02/2016
If only you you were Asian female eels

Lazz Kongo: im gonna wank nrb
ewls: kk
Lazz Kongo: ahhh the responsibiltoes of an adult

Good Stuff

bggims : Whoopie are *** at granary
*we won 5-0 in 10 mins :)

ZiLyfe: AL†: benny boo eels triggers me with his silence he thinks hes better than me and hes not tell him that

meguca lft : i want to be loved
eels : same
meguca lft : i like eels
meguca lft : eels are cool
heebs lft : slimy wet shits

Icarus : alrighty cunt
eels : ?
Icarus : let me show u who's boss
eels (Score:20) defeats Icarus (Score:1) in duel to 20 on Ammomod [MGE]

Your opponent changed class during a fight, giving you one point.
Your opponent changed class during a fight, giving you one point.
<ATX> ZtG | SurenaGaming : what
bad : ?
<ATX> ZtG | SurenaGaming : these hacks/fluces tho
bad : lol what
<ATX> ZtG | SurenaGaming : i cant hit you
<ATX> ZtG | SurenaGaming : wtyf
<ATX> ZtG | SurenaGaming : bye
<ATX> ZtG | SurenaGaming : !remove

Favorite Hackusation

*DEAD* Parelli : doming the hacker. Sweet
*DEAD* eels : who is the hacker?
Caitlin : u
eels : lol what
eels : 25 cm per 360
Parelli : lol eels, it's so obvious to anybody that is good at this game that you are hacking
Parelli : get over yourself
eels : lol
eels : you're funny
*DEAD* eels : scout main, i think i can aim
Parelli : yeah dude, the sad fact is you know you are hacking and putting this act on
Parelli : it must do your head in to know I know you that well
eels : you must be lower than open?
Parelli : retired, plat and you are just obvious man
Parelli : sorry
Parelli : join the ranks of hundreds of hackers that don't have any balls and live with it
eels : plat hl?

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