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I'm sorry I'm not good I apologize for my ego please forgive me, I'm just European
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IN GAME: I'm playing a game :) I’ll respond when I can!
ONLINE: I'm currently on my computer, I will respond soon!
AWAY: I'm not at my computer, I might be back soon!
BUSY: I'm working or doing something else and don't want to be Interrupted!
SNOOZE: I've been away from my computer for a few hours, don't expect me back soon!
OFFLINE: My computer is turned off; I could be asleep, out or at my gfs.

NOTES: I work 9am to 5pm GMT weekdays and I’m not around at these time however I do have Steam on my office computer for some programs I use and believe or not a few customers use Steam to order and message me:)

Steam sometimes shows me as "online" even when I’m not so If I don't respond this is the reason why, this pretty rare but it’s worth noting if you're messaging me


NAME: Michael
AGE: 20 Years old
FROM: United Kingdom
RELATIONSHIP: Yes, with the most beautiful and amazing girl
JOB: Director at Damar International Ltd & 2nd Degree assistant ITF Taekwon-Do instructor
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I started playing Tf2 in March 2012 since then I have managed and played in many teams such as Eurosion gaming, KaoS, Team Delta Pigs and x_ShaDowClan_x in just about every league there is UGC, ETF2L, RAZOR and RETF2. Playing many different classes on a competitive level such as Spy, Engineer, Soldier and Medic to name a few.

I have met so many fantastic people from all over the world from playing TF2 and made some long lasting friends. However, as many of you know I have decided after 4500 hours in TF2 I am giving it a brake. The game has become stale and boring for me and I want to spend more time on other games that I enjoy... I get the question "will I play again?" without a doubt yes I will be back, TF2 will always be my first love "when will I be back?" I don't know...

I want to thank everyone from old TF2 community servers (Dustbowl Skial EU3) to past competitive teams and friend how much you all supported me over the years and the laughs we have had together... THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH

> TDP <

I get asked "who are T.D.P?" alot this is the answer!

TDP stands for Team Delta Pigs.

"TDP started out in early 2008 and is an International Community of like minded mature Gamers. We all share a passion for gaming and we play a variety of games, across all platforms with PC been our Primary choice."

The guys in TDP are amazing and I can't belive I found them and was accpeted by these lot...
As much as they do my head in somtimes these guys are "family" I love every one of them!

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