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Smoks's Ez Level Up Bot 🎴⇄ 🔑

!help >> Shows you how the bot works and the commands.

!buy {amount of keys} In order to buy sets for an x amount of keys.

!buyany {amount of keys} The bot will sell you any sets. (also sets you have fully crafted!)

!level {1337} Calculates how many sets and keys it takes to reach a certain level.

!check >> Check how many sets that you have not crafted yet are buyable, how much that will cost and how many sets the bot has in total.

!sell >> Only allowed can sell, if you're interested in selling, post at the comments.


Can't trade with you if:
#Your inventory is private.
#You haven't had Mobile Authenticator for 7 days.
#You got a trade hold.

Can I craft badges for games I do not own?

Will I receive sets that I already crafted?
No, the bot will check yout badges and only trade you sets thay you nerver crafted.
However, you may use the !buyany command to buy sets that have been crafted.

Accepted Keys

"Chroma 2 Case Key",
"Huntsman Case Key",
"Chroma Case Key",
"eSports Key",
"Winter Offensive Case Key",
"Revolver Case Key",
"Operation Vanguard Case Key",
"Shadow Case Key",
"Operation Wildfire Case Key",
"Falchion Case Key",
"Operation Breakout Case Key",
"Chroma 3 Case Key",
"CS:GO Case Key",
"Operation Phoenix Case Key",
"Gamma Case Key",
"Gamma 2 Case Key",
"Glove Case Key"

Bugs And Support

If you have any issue or feedback, please post them at the comments.

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