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Admin for the Vatican City Servers http://www.the-vaticancity.com
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Can middleman spycrabs and such
-Shipped with Mayo
-Certified Weeb Trash who is only good at support/heal based roles in games

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The Great Wall (of text)
Disclaimer, general info something something thingy
-Most of the artwork i have is just shit i like and wanted to share. Id say 90% is google images or a screen shot of what i watching on my phone, they shitty edits are OG though

--Steam statuses cause people cant tell what they mean
Online: My PC is on and im doing shit, will respond most of the time unless i forgot to toggle status or im on mobile
Away: Not here
Busy: Leave a message or just dont say anything cause im trying to watch anime, play a non steam game, or do homework. I wont start a conversation most of the time
Offline: Not here, prob wont see a message cause steam doesnt send offline msg's well

Anime related info
-Yes I watch anime, I enjoy the story, character developement, writing, art style, and relatability. I also do enjoy it especially when the writing makes you feel attached, something TV shows from everywhere else don't do.

--Feel free to talk to me about anime, I am always open to discussion.

---My personal top 5 animes.
1. Hibike Euphonium!
2. All the ones from Studio Ghibli
3. Madoka Magica
4. Girls Und Panzer
5. Little Witch Academia
---Special Places(they dont merit on an overall or compared to all ive watched, but they top a nieche and have no order)
-Hinako Note
-Date A Live
All the ones here have resonated with me in some way wether it be a a really fucking amazing story, true master piece, super relatable, or just nails something. This list will update and expand as time passes.

----If you want to recomend me an anime pls just link it to me in dm's or tell me the name or comment it on my profile and if it looks good I will added it to my file of animes to watch/currently watching. I have no genre prefrences.

-----As for waifus/favourite characters just browse art work, it will be a screen shot from the show or something off google images. Also this isn't for every anime I've seen, some I don't have a favourite, some I have seen in years (Fruit basket and azuhmanga diyao etc), and some might just not have a waifuable person or a character I like to the look of(action based amines specifically).
Misc info about what I enjoy
-Yes I watch MLP, I don't even know why I watch it to got hooked, a friend snuck in watching an episode and I tried it, I guess something clicked but idk.

--Yes you can say I'm an emo or a weeb or a brony, I honestly don't care and have accepted it, also im not one of the ones who spreads it or forced it on others, just something I enjoy.

---I play Tenor sax in my high school band and hopefully in college, in my town im the top tenor sax player, as for the city my town is next to im a tad further down the list, and as for county a bit more down, but I'm still a damn good tenor sax player.

----I am highly educated and do have autism, so if you don't understand what I am saying it is both of those, just simply ask for clairification. I academically qualify to go to Princeton right out of high school so yea, highly educated
-If you got any questions, just ask. If you want to play some TF2 with me just dm me in steam, if im online or in game I should be able to respond, if I dont check game info, might be in a comp game or I just walked away. PLS don't invite me without saying what it is.
Great for gaming and doing home work.
Comp TF2: Ex ESEA Open/UGC Plat Grade Medic
-there might not be much in badges but partial seasons were never counted. I have played a scrim and game in iron, steel, silver, plat, open and done either superb or right at level for each(ringing or on a team). Ring me if you want.

--I say ex cause I'm done. I have found new meaning in life and plan to enjoy life for the first time in a long time. But I will still ring games and/or play/coach on a friends team to help out, might come back to open in a few seasons once i get life sorted out or not if it is a fuck pile with IM

---RIP ESEA-IM 2k17

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