Ryan   United States
Owner of account: DrunkCows
LoL account: DrunkCows

CPU: i7 7700k
Cooler: h100iV2
GPU: 1080 ti
Ram: 16 gb ddr4
Psu: 600w
Hdd: 2x 1 tb hdd + 3 tb hdd
Case: corsair carbide 240
Monitor: Asus 4k gaming monitor 1ms

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Dota 2
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Buying all trading cards 1 scrap each.

I sell TF2 keys for 1.90 USD
I sell CS:GO keys for 2.05 USD

Rules(Especially rule 6):
1. Do not add me for free stuff.(Goes hand to hand with rule 3)
2. I don't like lowballers.
3. Don't ask for free stuff at all.
4. My prices are usually firm.
5. Unfriend me after the trade unless you're looking foward to trading with me in the future.
6. Rudeness is not tolerated.
7. Private profiles will be instantly ignored.

| steamname: DrunkCows
| steam3ID: [U:1:192226331]
| steamID32: STEAM_0:1:96113165
| steamID64:
| customURL:
| steamrep:

and to the beggers and the scammers/phisers I give you this

And to the nice people:
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Alt PTCHB Feb 9 @ 3:12am 
Hi, Im collecting Dota2 loading screens and can give my Manifold Paradox for 10-15 of your loading screens. I see you have many so if you don't need them send me trade offer for my Arcana. Trade link and Arcana are in my main profile - . I don't add friends at all so please dont add me , just send offer
HappyHCHHIAlt Jan 24 @ 6:17am 
Hello, I want to trade my soul diffuser for your any 7-10 dota 2 commons/uncommons/rares or mythicals (any of them, I dont mind). I see you have many of them so if you dont need them send me trade offer please. Trade link and diffuser are in my main profile - . I don't add friends pls dont add me , just send offer
This Lambsauce has Aids Jan 18 @ 1:59pm 
I feel bad for elso because almost the whole server hates him.
Gweilo Jan 11 @ 7:58am 
Has small wang.
3nvy Dec 21, 2017 @ 5:14pm 
Rahckut Dec 19, 2017 @ 9:22pm 
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📁USB (D:)
└📁TF2 Cheats