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Welcome to my profile <3
That one guy who sells drugs down the street
I'm D R U G S, a pubber, competitive player etc

I'm not gonna be accepting trade requests from people under level 5

If you want to trade unusuals add me first so we can discuss it

I'm also generally hated by a lot of people. I'm quite an annoyance if you actually get to know me for a while

Real name - Cancer / Caaleb

Age - 17

I'm from a third world country currently known as "Malaysia"

M Y Y O O N G I / S U G A []
M Y R O S E []
My response to idiots
My type of humour
My greatest creation []

Can you give me that/Can you buy that for me?

No. Unless I say so

Why did you unfriend me, why did you not accept my friend request?

1. You are generally annoying
2. You never speak with me anyway
3. Your accout is too low
4. You have a private profile or trade banned/vac banned

My Mains

Main: Pyro( filthy pyro main sia )
SubMain: Demo, soldier

Competitive experience

- Asia Fortress season 10 "Laughing kills" (soldier) 6s
- Asia Fortress season 10 "Transcendence" (scout) 6s
- Asia Fortress season 11 "Khairul's legacy reborned" (medic sub) 6s
- UGC season 22 "ctf_turbine"(demoman) 6s
- UGC season 22 "New BCP" (Pyro) HL
- Asia Fortress season 12 "bong.snaz.gaymerz" ( scout ) 6s

When did you start playing competitive 6s and HL?

I first started competitive 6s in 2015 where my first team was LK ( laughing kills ) playing soldier and scout.

Then in 2017 I started playing HL for the team BoCiPu ( Boston City Pubbers ) which I'm currently in right now. HL is quite fun, not as serious as 6s though.

Can I add you?
You're free to add me, but don't expect me to accept it.
Private profiles won't be accepted
People under level 5 on steam won't be accepted as well

Also don't say "K" after me a message
At least say "Okay" or "Aight" or maybe even "Cool fam" if you know me

What is Bangtan Sonyeondan, why do you like it so much

Bangtan Sonyeondan also known as BTS, which translates to "Bulletproof Boy Scouts." Is a South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. The members in it consist of Jungkook, Jimin, V/Taehyung, Suga, Jin, J-Hope and Rap Monster

Jungkook - The Main vocalist also the youngest and cutest in the group

Jimin - The Second vocalist

V/Taehyung - The third Vocalist

Suga - The main rapper

Jin - The fourth vocalist who doesn't get much attention

J-Hope - The second rapper, and also the most energetic in the group

Last but not least Rap Monster - Who is a vocalist as well as a rapper

BTS does something other groups wouldn't normally do, and that's writing songs on their own personal experiences. Mostly about friendship and their hard times through life trying to get to where they are now. Suga the rapper had to starve himself as he was trying to lose weight for the debut, and JungKook was in high school at the time they were being debuted. Even American artists wouldn't normally do this, take for example One Direction where they write about Love, Girls, The fun between them you name it. This is why I love BTS and the things they do, I respect them and I hope you do too


People who talk bout depression or edginess to me will be removed immediately from my friends list.

Previous Aliases

Exquisite Purèe, iAmCancer, Canada, cancer, skrub lord, Cascur, Druggy, FR0$TBYT3 (edgy Ikr), drugs and every other unofficial name I had less for 2 months :)

Also feel free to send me the dankest memes you know

Robin Williams did 9/11
Bill Cosby served me coffee at Starbucks
Ted and Ted 2 were great movies

I have a lot of favourite kpop groups, seeing kpop drama on my Facebook wall makes me auto asphyxiate

My K-Pop biases

BTS bias : Suga
EXO bias : Xiumin
BLACKPINK bias : Rose
Big Bang bias : T.O.P
TWICE bias : Tzuyu
Super Junior bias : Lee Donghae
SHINee bias : Jonghyun

My discord : drugs#4064

I swear my fps dies so hard when I play pyro. One day I'm gonna fucking quit pyro because of fucking fps, someone mail me a better computer please. I will even accept alienware or anything that's better than a trash can as a laptop

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