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I am mixed on this game.

👍Fun Survival Game with Friends:
I love the survival aspects and the building mechanics in this game are really interesting in a good way! Its also nice to group up with some friends and build a nice little stronghold. Some of the combat I've faced while defending my camp was REALLY intense.

👍Active Development:
The team behind Rust listen to the community and are on top of their updates.

👎Server Dominating Clans:
If you're playing Vanilla on a large server, dont expect to hold onto your loot / base for long. Within a few hours (or as long as a couple days), you will get raided, and slaughtered by a massive server dominating clan.

👎Toxic Community:
My one complaint with this game is the community. Either they're all racist, phallic loving, four-chan humping players, or they're blood thirsy players who thrive off killing anyone, even if you're a new spawn. However, you do occasionally find a friendly player who is willing to toss a few things your way. Though, other than that, dont expect anything but a rather Toxic community.

👌Hardcore PvP:
One moment you could be ontop of the world, great base, great loot, then the next blown apart with nothing. Dont get overly attached to anything you own in this game, ever. Unless you're playing on a server like, "Dustins n00b Pantry! x50 Gather, x100 Loot." blah blah blah. Vanilla Rust is intense as f**k.

🙋Is this game for you?
If you liked DayZ, think of this as a more "Arcadey DayZ" game. Its got a really clean UI and the devs are on top of their game with content and bug releases. Also if you like a constant challenge and the risk of being murdered at any given time, try this game out.

If you're easily stressed by constantly having to start over because you got slaughtered and your base greifed, this game isnt for you.

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