Radek   Warsaw, Warszawa, Poland
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My name is Radek. Also known as Drone Locker. I am a 30+ years old father and husband, born in Orwellish year of 1984. I live in Poland.

I've received a (crappy) basic high school education. I've been a gravedigger, a nurse in hospital on Intensive Care, a security guard and a handicapped children caretaker.

During my life I've seen things that cripples and breaks a man's heart. I am a self-learner. I taught myself everything I know. Raging from English language, graphics, music, audio, to coding, design, animation and whatnot.

I am a weird-music composer, game designer, voice actor, graphics artist, a coder. Also quite a loony.
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:( Jun 22 @ 1:09pm 
I have so much respect for you and your art. Good luck in the future, and I hope things go well for you.
Mkoll May 5 @ 11:08pm 
With your new job and no update in 9 month is space horror game on hold?
GibusGang[MidoriCo] Apr 19 @ 8:59am 
It's good to hear that you now have a job, and I'm very happy for you. I'm sure time will come to you eventually.
DroneLocker Apr 16 @ 12:49am 
Well, a lot. Some sad some happy. I got a job. A full time one. And related to Game Dev and stuff. So I'm doing what I had been doing in past 10 years but this time I am actually getting paid lol. The downside? I have no time to work on my own games anymore.
GibusGang[MidoriCo] Mar 29 @ 8:48pm 
Any news my dood?