Bombay, Maharashtra, India
"If you are afraid, don't do it, if you do it don't be afraid" —genghis khan

Scammers pls stay away ive got good friends in trading and i consult them every item
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Competitive History/Teams
Roti-Chapati- as Pocket[6s UGC S22]
Ampathy- as Solly [ULTIDUO ETF2L OPENS06]
Roti-Chapati- as main Demo [HL UGC ASIA S20]-7th/21
Forever LFT- as sub Demo [6s AFC S10 DIV 3]-5th/16

Chat logs--ze hall of fame and shame

**In a random casual match--------> NoobDevloper: I'll brb in a sec..im going for toilet..the cart shud be pushed 1 point in the time i come from toilet...LMAO

A division 2 player saw adreno and told me this: 7.5k.....1k hrs on alt... hrs 20k kills on rl signed by ShadowBurn ..1000 key inventory 1 all unususal and 1 all class misc one of the bst effect nebula....pro ks australium"- ****goes to play mge***EWWWW jarate he plays worse then f2p

**After gettin airshotted by me , i was demo**
Simplicity : u kno duwatba?
dream : yes
Simplicity : oka that airshot ws like his :3
dream : P
dream : ty

2:32 PM - U. N. C. L. E. MAMBO: that was op dream
Reflecting every fucking sticky
2:33 PM - dream: ☻

***after ex leader left the party he became auto leader**
everyone: start search
start search
tN|BigToe: Sorry, I didn't realize somebody did a Donald Trump on me.

10:28 PM - T_rex: tf2dhrohi
10:28 PM - T_rex: tf2 ke naam pe aaphrad kar raha hai
10:29 PM - dream.: hahaha lol
10:29 PM - T_rex: ashleel hai yea launda
10:30 PM - dream.: aajaunga
10:30 PM - dream.: badme
10:30 PM - T_rex: mat aa
10:30 PM - dream.: atm no one playin
10:30 PM - T_rex: paladins khel
10:30 PM - dream.: wese bhi sab khan khane gaye the
10:30 PM - T_rex: overwatch bhi khel lena
10:30 PM - T_rex: tf2 mat khelna aab se
10:30 PM - T_rex: dekh liye tujhe

10:30 PM - T_rex: tf2drohi

Never tell your password to anyone.
7:04 PM - dream: yes?
7:04 PM - dream: hello
7:04 PM - dream: y did u add me sir?
7:05 PM - Agent 47: i am making new steam friends
7:05 PM - dream: y me?
7:05 PM - Agent 47: u are form india
7:05 PM - dream: but i dont even know u
7:06 PM - Agent 47: close to my country
7:06 PM - dream: bill gates live 50 km from me
7:06 PM - dream: can i add him>?
7:06 PM - Agent 47: o ok sry about that
7:07 PM - Agent 47 is now Offline.

9:17 AM - foX#new sens: ik tht was joke
9:17 AM - foX#new sens: ill visit u some day
9:17 AM - foX#new sens: after 10 ears
9:18 AM - foX#new sens: 10-20 years
9:18 AM - foX#new sens: hope ur alive
9:18 AM - foX#new sens: LOL
9:18 AM - foX#new sens: XD
9:18 AM - foX#new sens: dont get hit by a car
9:18 AM - foX#new sens: or come under roller
9:18 AM - foX#new sens: sit back at home and play tf2
9:18 AM - sad_katz: pls
9:18 AM - sad_katz: I wont live long but I wont die that fast
9:18 AM - sad_katz: LOL
9:18 AM - foX#new sens: LOL

8:12 PM - dream: happy frnship day btw
8:13 PM - Asura: :P
8:13 PM - Asura: idk abt human stuffs
8:13 PM - dream: Lol
8:13 PM - Asura: i dont wish anybody
8:13 PM - Asura: :P

Abocat: Mere pas Poonam Pandey hain!
CHange: shes not a whore poonam is

BON:hows ur nolife retarded hacks going ya cuntface
BON:The dicksucking is real! You have made some fans from your worthless life on steam breh


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