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Competitive: UGC Highlander Season 21 Steel division - 1st place - No Honking $350 Fine - Sniper (Main)
ETF2L Highlander Season 12 (Open) - No Honking $350 Fine - Sniper (Main)
ETF2L Fresh Meat Challenge - Scuffed Esports - Scout (Main)
UGC Highlander Season 23 Steel division - Echelon E-Sports - Scout (Main)
ETF2L Highlander Season 14 (Open) - No Honking $350 Fine - Scout (Sub)
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Arkadian: "uh ein drauconiger honkgobbel :O"
Nati0nalKS: "When you concentrate on airshots for an hour it tires my arm :/ like wanking ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)"
The Pyraptor: "44x44 = the length of pyraptor's penis in cm"
Nati0nalKS: "SIRI, What country have the hottest girls"
lecunea: "Hey, Don't REE me! I just washed this damn coat!"
lecunea: "Actually I wanna scrim on ghetto_uganda next week"
Woona: "that's why they call me the loli slayer"
Woona: "spoilers germany is shit in this game"
Woona: "child sex slaves go for quite a lot on the steam market"
GT Insane: "wenn yusuf admin ist was bin ich dann? Hausfege-Neger?"
Nati0naL: "When I die, I want lecunea to lower me into my grave so he can let me down one last time."
Kuma: "We should all take selfies with knives to out throats"
lecunea: "I'll send you my favorite german dungeon porn playlist"
lecunea: "I'm going to wear my heelies to escape my feelies"
Nati0nal: "a gay horse.... aka lecunea"
Woona: "Gas the friendlies"
lecunea: "I talk to myself all the time"
Kuma: "Woona got pussy pounded by trickstabs"
lecunea: "German dungeon porn is hot"
Woona: "everyone is out having fun and I am here doing pages of trigonometric calculus"
Draucone: "woona come visit me and we can gas jews and friendlies together"
Honk team: "woona's ass and steamy tits are very meaty"
Honk team: "once I ate some cock at 9 o'cock while big daddy was spanking hillary big cock."
lecunea: "I'm eating noodles cuz I'm asian"
S O D A: "stick a thumb uup ur ass and lick it"
Kuma: "I'll reveal my dick before my face fam"
Draucone: "national is a password-failist"
Woona: *throws sandvich* "Meal on wheels!"
Woona: "we call lecunea butterfingers because of all the times he drops"
Woona:"our med dies alot bc of his squinty lil eyes"
Pyraptor: "I grow my autism, so I advance, rise above the reserve-scorch phase AND LEARN HOW TO BECOME MEDIOCRE AT THE CLASS"
Woona: "I'm going to make some memes to cheer myself up"
Long Chicken: "Draucone more like Draushit"
Pyraptor: "The pyro's skill is measured by autism per second"
Merk: "yellow is now a gender"
Woona: ">posting TF2 references in a porn thread on /jp/ ... favourite evening activity da ze"
Woona: "Do not critice me. Ever. You will be muted and probably sent to labour camps. You thought this was a democracy? Think again, sunshine. This is a totalitarian regime; all must bow down to Radiant Emperor and all must worship Chen."
Assassin+: "can we have a single channel without shitpost? thank you"
Pyraptor: "I can wear an apron for you if that makes you feel better"
Metrox: "Don't squat on my diddle"
throni: "we should get a hotdog stand and call it allah's snackbar"
GT Insane: "Was macht ein Pädophiler auf einer Geburtsstation? Spawntrappen"
TANWIG: "someone just backstabbed me in the dick"
lecunea: "If you can't afford a condom, then you really can't afford not to have a condom."
Ballo: "will Will Smith smith Will Smith? Yes, Will Smith will smith Will Smith"
Metrox: "My name's diddle di doo and I eat poo"
Toto: "Deine Eltern sind Geschwister"
Falcon: "planterino bomberino"
falcon: "falcon is homosex"
Metrox: "Sorry can't hear you I'm blind"
Kontraracer: "Rindfleischettikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz"
Pyraptor: "Ass, not the right ass, but still ass."
kontraracer: "dem sein humor ist schwarzer als toto"
Skradle: "who even plays tf2 competitive. just play roblox competitive instead"
brony: "I got to say my favorite quote from tf2 ever is you saying "Brony, I just died because you are INCAPABLE of healing people!""
skradle: "playing the soviet anthem makes me want to overthrow the school's democratic system and establish communism"
rushie: "I have a small ego but a massive cock"
Draucone: "I'm letarded plis pick me up!"
National: "Woona is a make a wish programm"
brony: "Who is gay; the one that succ or the one that receives the succ?"
woona: "at least in HL it's pretty fucking impossible for your fat fuck heavy to outrun you"
brony: "make your scouts your bitches"
messy: "My scouts are pastabrains"
bustalip: "you're my spirit animal drac"
bigzzz: "can't play without steak, nerds"
woona: "that's damper than my ass crack"
Genki: "fuck you dracone, fuck you"
akachu: "who needs skill when you have exploits"
said: "Dave Dickens dips his dick in Doodle-noodles"
assassin: "Thighs > tiddies > feet > ass"
woona: "i dont know why but it makes my penis sad"
woona: "wheres my pee pee supposed to go"
brony: "Steel is literal fittskägg"
pyraptor: "woona shall we become villains of the minecraft server and take over the land?"
national: "I am Woona's Prison Bitch. My job is to fuck Woona when Utsuho is too tired."
falcon: "I'm addicted to Coca Cola *plzz halp*"
national: "I'm gay 4 u solar :3"
pyraptor: the plot ALWAYS thickens...like your HIPS WOONA"
weed: "i hav smol braine"
woona: "if i had a time machine i would go back in time and rescue hitler"
kontraracer: "ez pz kloversteck"
vita: "look on the bright side woona, you may be fat but you're not stupid"
pyraptor: "Nice dinky"
merk: "when I meet you I'm gonna stab you with a huge baguette"
tom: "I'm coming and cumming.. who said men can't multitask?"
draucone: "he gets all squishy thinking about my dick"
tom: "you're like my sex slaves but with more sex than slave"
pyraptor: "I want some of that horse dinky"
skinnypiggy: "it's casual and I ree'd you to death"
pyraptor: "you eat at downie's brownie to absorb body fat"
pyraptor: "Count draucula"
tom: "I could help you if I was Jesus but the other day I got demoted to ‘slightly more powerful Jew’ so I can’t sorry"
falcon: "Hi (sorry for my bad English)"
falcon: "Happy Birthday my spicy nazi memer xd lmao rofl bitch lasagna harambe, hitler did nothing wrong i hope you get some cool ass shit mane don't forget to gas the jews go nascar on them boi. Sincerly, falcon."
draucone: "twitch.tv/NaTIonaL wHatS THe pAsSWoRd"
falcon: "that seems doable"
falcon: "golfing with friends... SURPRISE! no friends involved"

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👊 ✊ 🤛 🤜 🤞 ✌️ 🤘 👌 👈 👉
xdie Dec 10 @ 2:25am 
Happy Birthday my spicy nazi memer xd lmao rofl bitch lasagna harambe, hitler did nothing wrong i hope you get some cool ass shit mane don't forget to gas the jews go nascar on them boi. Sincerly, falcon.
xdie Nov 27 @ 7:25am 
yes he doesn't support me at all
DrauconeTMS Nov 27 @ 7:23am 
since when do I support racism xD
MΛN O WΛR Nov 26 @ 8:52pm 
stop supoorting racist
xdie Nov 23 @ 6:16am 
actually they are all memes except the smurf thing xd