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Heroes and villains are all furballs, and all furballs go to heaven.

but that's a matter of privacy

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"what about a brazilian pissing orgy, would that get you off?" - syath
"their piss has a pH of -3" - zuchima
"brazilians are like the Great Value race" - syath
"need a thicc brazilian bitch to sit on my face and give me ringworm" - mason
"lookin like I just went 12 rounds with mike tyson" - mason

"gonna main tahm kench and rename my account Big Lots" - mason
"is that because you're closing down stores nationwide, smell like shit, or poorly managed?" - nick

"what's the fastest way to get lockjaw?" - mason
"need a thicc rusty android to sit on my face and give me tetanus" - alto
"says here you can get it from consuming animal droppings" - mason
"just eat your dog's ass" - alto

bees : are you guys gonna deep fry our hopes of 1st place?

"dK Karl, how do I become the best motherfucking heavy who is both feared and loved at the same time?" - Kegaman

[early monday morning]
4:19 AM - az: yo
4:19 AM - az: friendo
4:20 AM - az: u up to tap or
4:20 AM - mr goodnut: Tap?
4:20 AM - az: ive got a thing to shho
4:20 AM - az: yea tap if urup
4:20 AM - az: smash that like buttopn
4:20 AM - mr goodnut: how long have you gone without sleeping
4:20 AM - az: since thruday
4:21 AM - mr goodnut: LOL
4:21 AM - az: nigga come muble

[G.E.W.P.] deport muslims : Free Lander Likes Men And That Is OK But I Will Not Sell Him My Cake

'i'm about to alien jump off the slime" - vipa

1:09 AM - crab_f: lDFMOA

1:12 AM - duck: 10:04 PM - aeiou zuchima: big black cock
10:04 PM - ducK: u mad
10:04 PM - aeiou zuchima: is that team happening next season?
1:12 AM - duck: this is not
1:12 AM - duck: correct
1:12 AM - duck: human interaction
1:12 AM - duck: we shouldnt start our convos like this
1:12 AM - duck: this community needs to cleanse

3:24 PM - attack: YOU GAVE ME
3:24 PM - attack: AN LOL
3:24 PM - attack: LAMO

rj : kap a ropss

"spec deck shut the fuck up I could break both your ankles and sling them around your neck" - syath
"what's your weird obsession with breaking ankles?" - alto

10:28 PM - the great pug in the sky: nigga i aint fixin no purp

'i don't care if his mouth is a 2 cock garage he's better than you' - freelander

1:48 AM - 10th dimensional lunean: er
1:48 AM - 10th dimensional lunean: i'm too smart to be this retarded
1:48 AM - 10th dimensional lunean: hold on

3:25 AM - lettuce: did you just thankful react to my birth
3:25 AM - lettuce: on facebook

2:31 PM - NitchBigga | I was watching anime earlier and I also saw someone that looked like you
2:31 PM - NitchBigga | Except that it was one of the women whom you so adore
2:31 PM - NitchBigga | What was her name?
2:31 PM - cinder: w o mEN
2:31 PM - NitchBigga | Royko?
2:32 PM - cinder: im unfriending you
2:32 PM - NitchBigga | Ryuka?
2:32 PM - cinder is now Offline.

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Aaron May 28 @ 4:23pm 
after him cooking for me irl, i can safely say he is truly the alto h chef
i like other fish (sometimes) May 26 @ 12:01pm 
Hehe :3 looking for cute Boys who want to ERP or do ANYTHING sexual with me... I don't really get much attention so i created this ERP account for sexual things so my friends don't find out and tease me for ERPing >.< Anyways feel free to add me if i get to know you really well i could always end up giving you my Discord and main account anyways bai~
red man May 24 @ 10:02pm 
dude i love women
Aaron May 1 @ 8:50pm 
suque my big coquelicot (that's french for poppy yeah i speak french it's no big deal)
.crate.♡ May 1 @ 3:02pm 
Added in hopes of possible mentorship!