[DATS➡] Pvt. Twinkletoes
Dr. Dos   Washington, United States
Cute furries with cute avatars apply within.

(If you're a friend buying me a gift from my wishlist, please opt for using non-Steam sites like itch.io or GoG instead if possible.)

Owner of tf2tags. Please email me if you have issues rather than adding me here.

If you're going to friend me and I can't tell who you are leave a comment or else I'll probably ignore it.
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Epsilon 7 saat önce 
Thank you for the fast email response, it was much appreciated.
Epsilon 10 saat önce 
If you want an answer about TF2tags, it's best to email him, that greatly increases your chances of getting a response.
TF2TAGS IS BACK 19 saat önce 
ey d0s
The site's borderline dead right now.
Ugandan Warrior 16 Oca @ 15:12 
Why is TF2Tags down?
Zolty Delphox 12 Oca @ 20:36 
+Rep oh thanks man, you too! :D
Dr.Tursko 24 Ara 2017 @ 23:46 
I have some questions about tf2tags website. Mind adding temporarily?