[DATS➡] Pvt. Twinkletoes
Dr. Dos   Washington, United States
Cute furries with cute avatars apply within.

(If you're a friend buying me a gift from my wishlist, please opt for using non-Steam sites like itch.io or GoG instead if possible.)

Owner of tf2tags. Please email me if you have issues rather than adding me here.

If you're going to friend me and I can't tell who you are leave a comment or else I'll probably ignore it.
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heckles 25. zář. v 15.37 
Well thank ya.
SpaceDorito 20. srp. v 23.55 
You're a hella good solider m8; you were good son, real good.
Lunre.TF 18. srp. v 12.45 
My profile on tf2tags.com is outdated, can you update the profile picture and steam link?
[❤] Rainbow Gryphon! ♥ 1. srp. v 13.34 
Wow almost 7000 hours in tf2.
You most play like a god.
[❤] Rainbow Gryphon! ♥ 1. srp. v 13.32 
Hey thanks! I made it.
You too got a cute one
Shakkari 9. čvc. v 8.28