Hong Xi   Singapore

What I use:
Mouse: Razer Death Adder

Teams I am in:
Highlander: None
6s: Vicious n Delicious

Teams i played for:
Reckless People (rp.)
Kinetic Sequence (ks.)
Dissident Gaming (DG)
Team Fallback (TF)
The Ayy Team(ayy)
Point Five (3rd place ugc plat)
Wine n Cheese (2nd place AFC10)

Youtube Channel :D

Awesome quotes:

Best people i know :

lc.Cell: pug?
Stuuuuupid Dream: no thanks cell
Stuuuuupid Dream: having a rough day
lc.Cell: http://cdn.steamcommunity.com/economy/emoticon/cwat
lc.Cell: okay
lc.Cell: <33
lc.Cell: here
lc.Cell: have a heart
Stuuuuupid Dream: thanks :D
lc.Cell: http://cdn.steamcommunity.com/economy/emoticon/8bitheart
lc.Cell: n_n
Stuuuuupid Dream: hahahahaha
Stuuuuupid Dream: :>
lc.Cell: ;D

Dream: ish fine now :D
Dream: :>
Auranapse: :O
Auranapse: I might be fucked
Dream: LOL
Auranapse: very very fucked

Auranapse: you apply the script on the wall right
Auranapse: err
Auranapse: go search self destruct
Dream: ok
Auranapse: don't destroy the collided object LOL
Auranapse: wtf
Auranapse: we not coding Ivan's dick
Dream: wtf

Many thanks to a good mate of mine SakiIsa Lee for being sucha nice and patient guy :D And to Faruko for being the guy who always kills me in PUBs
And alot of thanks to RY4N for being so awesome and friendly.

Also to my best buds i ever had:

Hall of Fame:


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mm Dec 9, 2016 @ 11:53pm 
Hello dream, this is a staff from your local library. We have noticed that you have an overdue book: "It's Not the Size of the Boat: Embracing Life with a Micro Penis". Please check your email for further information.
dhiva Sep 17, 2016 @ 4:59am 
hey there buddy chum pal friend buddy pal chum bud friend fella bruther amigo pal buddy friend chummy chum chum pal i don't mean to be rude my friend pal home slice bread slice dawg but i gotta warn ya if u take one more diddly darn step right there i'm gonna have to diddly darn snap ur neck and wowza wouldn't that be a crummy juncture huh? do u want that? do u wish upon yourself to come into physical experience with a crummy juncture? because friend buddy chum friend chum pally pal chum friend if u keep this up then well gosh diddly darn i just might have to get not so friendly with u my friendly friend friend pal friend buddy chum pally friend chum buddy
Reteris Aug 23, 2016 @ 7:23am 
I'm gonna be honest, I went to school with this guy. (Billy is his name, he hates when you call him anything but William now.) He's been blowing up on the Internet for years, there's even an episode of Tosh.0 with him on it.
He would play nothing but WoW and attack little kids with foam swords. One day I caught him sitting outside and figured I'd try and start a conversation. (This was a weird private school where we could basically do whatever we wanted. Google Sudbury Schools.)
So we're talking about WoW and I'm pretending to understand, and I decide to look down at his computer screen...
I swear to shit his keyboard was literally crusted shut with grease, chip crumbs and semen. I've never seen anything like it since or before. I could hear the keys sticking to the dry semen and Cheeto cheese beneath, I almost vomited. I never saw him again after that day, he moved to New Jersey lol.
Now he's back, and you can all see the glory.
dhiva May 14, 2016 @ 12:57am 
my god whenever i see u i get a boner help me plz
noodle Nov 21, 2015 @ 6:24am 
+rep dream
Konma Sep 27, 2015 @ 9:28am 
+Rep the best trapper in the world