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shena Jul 26 @ 6:51pm 
Funny xD hehe
PainKillerGP Jul 7 @ 3:29pm 
Woah, dqi, hold on a second buddy. You wanna talk about something? You have a 572 units per second startzone. Now, I'm gonna have to explain something to you here. If I pop up my show velocity on the startzone as I fall out I get a 442 Z units, right? That's consistent, because its a fall zone - it's consistent 100% of the time. BUT RIGHT THERE I got 454, that's a LAG. Now, actually if we do a little pythagorean theorem; if I open my Google Chrome and I do square root of 350, which is the maximum horizontal units per second squared, plus.. what was it.. 454.. squared - THEN we get 573. YOU just LAGGED a startzone my buddy, oooh. That's an ouch right there.
Yui Jun 11 @ 11:27pm 
lmao kid you surfed like u have a maximum of 300 hours of surfing experience. like u have fucking partial parkinsons every time i spectate u and the fact that u were +.30 my wrcp on surf_oasis on s5 consistently while surf admins were speccing u means that ur fucking bad and u cant get legitimate wrcps normally. u only use ur lag switch whenever no one is speccing you and the fact u can even get wrcps againt me, systm, beetle, etc, etc who have had 2k+ hours of surfing experience each means you're using some nefarious software to glitch ur stage times. no one is going to believe ur shitty lies and u also even admitted some of ur times are illegitimate, yet u only mention that when uve been confronted about the issue fuck outta kid never come back to this community again go have fun beating horizon wrcps which are impossible to beat the max, you'll fit good there.
Yui Jun 4 @ 1:22pm 
___███████▀◢▆▅▃              ▀▀████
___██████▌◢▀█▓▓█◣         ▂▃▃  ████
__▐▐█████▍▌▐▓▓▉       ◢▓▓█ ▼ ████
__ ▌██████▎  ▀▀▀        █▓▓▌ ▌ █████▌
_▐ ██████▊  ℳ         ▀◥◤▀    ▲████▉
_▊ ███████◣         ′   ℳ  ▃◢██████▐
_ ▉ ████████◣      ▃、     ◢███▊███ 
_▉  █████████▆▃        ◢████▌ ███ 
_ ▉  ████▋████▉▀◥▅▃▃▅▇███▐██▋ ▐██
Yui May 27 @ 4:50pm 
happy duk day
wucki Mar 8 @ 3:22pm 
thats one angry DUCK