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Sniper Elite 3 (SE3) takes place in Northern Africa, which is a theatre often neglected in WWII games. Usually games focus on the European Theatre (western and/or eastern fronts) and slightly less often, the Pacific Theatre. That's a nice change and presents a locale that hasn't been overused.

Something I also like about North Africa is that despite it being mostly a rocky desert, there is still plenty of environmental plant life to make the scenary appear not quite as depressing. I remember in Sniper Elite v2 (SEv2) thinking that the constant use of broken and blasted buildings became quite tiring, despite it being accurate for the location.

SE3 brings in slight RPG aspects, in that your equipment has various stats. The rifles in particular are interesting because you can greatly modify them using parts you find as you play. That said, many of the "better" rifles and pistols are only available in DLC packages, but it's entirely possible to play through the whole game and do exceptionally well without ever spending a dime on any DLC.

The overall game mechanics are similar to SEv2. On easier difficutly levels you don't have to account for gravity (bullet drop) or wind, and pressing the focus button (the default is "E") enhances your zoom and slows down time. You have a limited amount of focus and if you expend it before firing, you'll zoom out and time will resume as normal. Fortunately, focus replenishes by itself.

Head shots are preferable to body shots, although I've managed to kill enemies after hitting them in the leg. You can perforate major blood vessels and organs (seen through an x-ray view when hitting the enemy), which the game acknowledges, but I don't know if that really makes a difference as far as killing them goes. I believe the game really just takes into account general location damage, so a high velocity shot to the abdomen might result in a kill, regardless of it tearing apart the intestines or kidneys.

Remaining undetected is a major part of SE3. You can do this by using your sidearm (assuming you've taken either the Welrod or the HDM, both of which have suppressors attached to them), stabbing an unsuspecting enemy in the back, or using noise to hide your sniper shots. Noise cover can range from artillery fire to PA announcements to sabotaging a generator.

Although you have a secondary weapon (which can be anything from a Thompson submachine gun to a Panzerschrek, which is essentially a rocket launcher), using it will undoubtedly cause a ton of noise, thereby attracting scores of enemy soldiers who will overwhelm you on anything except the lowest difficultly level. Even then, it's still fairly easy to die, so it's best to avoid that scenario entirely if at all possible.

Unlike SEv2, enemies DO NOT suddenly pop up out of nowhere. Reinforcements can be called in (usually through scripted events), but you won't have to deal with inching forward after clearing an area only to come upon a soldier who materialized out of thin air.

The campaign takes place over eight long missions. In contrast to SEv2, which relied entirely on checkpoints, SE3 allows you to save whenever and wherever you wish using manual saves and quicksaves. Some players might find this "cheap" or refer to it as "save scumming," but to me it's simply a matter of convenience, which lets me play for as long or as little as I choose.

Multiplayer takes the form of PvP and PvE Co-op. In PvP multiplayer, you play on a team and fight other players, whereas in PvE Co-op, its you and your teammate against the AI.

In co-op, you have three choices:
1. Play through the entire campaign in co-op mode.
2. Play specific downloaded missions.
3. Play unique asymetric assignments, where one player has a sniper rifle and a pistol, and the other player has a pistol, secondary weapon (such as an MP-40), and binoculars.

A shooting range has also been added as an extra single player mode, which lets you practice with all the weapons, including explosives.

No matter how good SE3 is, there are some problems.

When playing co-op, the campaign missions only use temporary checkpoint saves (as opposed to the "save anywhere" method in single player), which can make for some exceptionally long game times. These checkpoints only last for the duration of the session, so if you quit, you'll have to start over the beginning of the mission.

This has been a problem for my wife and me, as although we enjoy SE3, we don't always feel like spending four hours or so on one mission. It would be nice if the game at least saved the progress of the mission on the host's machine and allowed the players to continue where they left off.

The asymetric missions almost always include a "horde mode" component, where you have to defend against waves upon waves of enemies. In a game like SE3, where stealth and not being noticed is generally considered important, this seems very out-of-place and if you're not ready for it, quite jarring as well.

Something else that's of general annoyance is the way a weapon's stats are presented. Using a combination of white, yellow, and red bars to denote standard, improved, and reduced stats (when comparing other weapons to your currently armed weapon), understanding the bars can be unclear, at least at first. I would've preferred numbers instead of nondescript bars, but it's not a big deal overall.

In the end, would I recommend Sniper Elite 3? Absolutely. If you're the least bit interested in playing a sniper and World War II, there's no reason for me to not recommend this game.

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DeadPoolX Dec 23, 2016 @ 5:48pm 
S'ok, Ricky. Sometimes online communication doesn't always work out the way we initially mean it.
Rickyjr=CMD_JR420 Dec 23, 2016 @ 3:35pm 
sorry i dont know why it replyed as if i was talking crap about your post i did not mean it on your post it was the 1s before that FYI!!!
swenor Jan 23, 2015 @ 12:08pm 
Sure man. I am in the same situation. Tons of games to start and/or to complete (what I have been doing recenlty). Lack of manual saves is pain to me too. I'm too oldschool I guess. Blacklist gets 75%off afaik and Deluxe Edition is imo worth additional money. Anyway HF with whatever you are currently playing.
DeadPoolX Jan 23, 2015 @ 11:05am 
I might, but I've already got a backlog of games, and I dislike the fact you can't manually save your game in Blacklist. That said, if it's offered for a really, really good sale, I'll probably get it anyway.
swenor Jan 23, 2015 @ 4:18am 
Get CS Blacklist man. It's way better than SC Conviction. HF :D