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I got this game in the Humble Weeaboo Bundle that was running some time ago. You see, I was thinking "hurr durr all those games have steam cards yay free games for me," without actually considering if they would be fun. Frankly, I didn't expect any of them to be fun for longer than maybe half an hour.

And boy was I wrong.

When I started it up, I was greeted by the typical low-resolution menu screen that reminded me of some fond childhood memories with my mother. I would be playing on the couch with my gameboy, sound on, and after a while my mother would express her annoyence of this sound by imitating them with considerable volume. The sounds that engulfed me from my speakers when I started the game and saw the menu were the kind of sounds my mother would so fondly imitate to me with her loud loving voice.

Already almost teary-eyed I pushed the button on my controller - which works flawlessly with this game - to begin a new adventure.

Again, I saw a screen pop up in front of me which reminded me of home, of my mother. You see, I had to pick a name. And it so happens that my mother gave me my name. Hence, the memories. I felt the tears forming in my eyes again.

Aside from picking a name, I also had to choose a class and several perks. My choice for a class was somewhat limited at first, as I could only choose between two classes. This, however, did not discourage me. For it seemed to me that there would be many opportunities for unlockable characters. And who doesn't love unlockable characters? Gleeful at the prospect of being able to unlock things I picked a class at random, after which I proceeded to put all of my perk slots into extra strength. I would need it.

My heart leapt with excitement as I pushed the button that would initiate my adventure.

Another screen popped up: the final portal that would bring me to the different universe that I had been waiting for. All I had yet to do was choose which universe this would be. A multitude of opportunites (i.e. more or less 7) appeared before my eyes. And once more, childhood memories filled my mind. Of my mother, who would with a kind smile let me pick out my own clothes, and then get mad at me for not being able to pick anything good. Tears streaming from my eyes I went for the option that my mother would have chosen. The randomly generated world.

Another two pushes on the button (one for picking the world, a second one for picking the difficulty), and I finally arrived.

I was a hero, and I was greeted by noble king Victor. I was told of a terrible fate to befall these lands. Of darkness, doom, and despair. Of the impending danger that was right behind me. Quite literally. And I would be the one to stop its merciless assault on these former peaceful lands.

And so I embarked on my quest. The darkness ever licking at my heels. Again, quite literally.

I noticed that I also had gained help, in the form of an artificial fairy called Iris. She seemed to be there for all the questions I had, which were none as the blood of heroes had been passed down to me from my mother and hence I did not need any help. I blinked away a tear.

I rushed through the lands, never resting. Every step I took seemed to take at least 5 minutes. And every step I took seemed to make the many monsters that roamed the lands take one step closer to me as well.

But I couldn't dally and dance with these fiends for long. With every action of mine the darkness crept closer. I knew that it would be my end should it reach me. So I continued, slashing through waves and waves of demons and monsters as fast as I could.

On the way, I met many different innocent people. They would offer me their help in exchange for the money I came across on my journey. It was a sad business they practiced. As much as I would have wanted to, there was no way I could save them from the darkness that was creeping towards us. Merely moments after I had finished bartering with them, I would hear their dying screams coming from behind me. From inside the darkness, where they met an untimely demise. With my money.

Ten minutes in my adventure I died. Like my mother.

Nah just kidding, she's still alive and kickin'.
I did die though.

But my death did not discourage me. I had learned from my failures and had become stronger through them. And I knew that I would keep standing up each time I fell down. And I would keep growing stronger, and stronger, and stronger.

And at last, I would make it. I would defeat the big evil boss, and peace would return the world!

But, would it be enough?

There were many other similar worlds. Like EWGHF, or QWUIHNAJ, or HHSJHEUI, or any other world that seemed to have gotten their names from some deity ramming his head on his keyboard several times.

Each and every single one of them needed the help of someone.

And that someone would be me. A hero.

A hero, like my mother.


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