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doudley Jul 22 @ 6:39am 
Thanks for the advice and for the forewarning. In contrast, I do love the gaming and what behinds them. My passion right now is knowing what befits me, academically its simply explore art of any kind but personally its simply just explore video games and other creative outlets. ;)
Wooly Covfefe Jul 22 @ 5:25am 
When I was in my grade-school years, I was a nerd in a mostly nonwhite ghetto school. When I was 13 or so, my greatest wish was to be left alone and to have all the best games ever.

I got my wish. Not really all that happy about it. But I got it.

Don't envy that. I keep up with the gaming scene, because it's a nice distraction, and because I like to see the advances in them, but I'm not even all that into actually playing the games.

You don't want to be 46, alone, with a crapload of games you only dabble in because, what the heck else are you doing when you're not working your ass off in a busy kitchen?

Smoke a bowl, play some FFX, or some other random PS2 game for 20 minutes, go to sleep, go to work.

It's not a passion. I'm not even good at them. I'm really good at working in kitchens. It's just a distraction.
Wooly Covfefe Jul 22 @ 5:09am 
I deleted ESO:Tamriel Unlimited, got a refund.

I realized in the morning that I spent 30 bucks on a game I'll never play.

Alcohol is bad. Steam is good, though...
doudley Jul 22 @ 4:22am 
Nice of you to share this with me :)

I envy you for being able to enjoy your passion for games still, maybe when I get at your age, I'll have an opportunity to express myself again thru video games, the way I was in my schooling years.

I have a past experience with emulation. In fact, most of my Monster Hunter Tri hacking moments are with an emulator because its way more convenient to do everything with my (past) desktop computer rather than a separate time for console gaming and internet/PC activities...even with mobile devices as a platform now, there's still a longing to have an efficient way to do everything in one device or at least be shared to other devices, hassle-free.

62 gig will take me almost a week to finish downloading it and that is if I have a lot and consistent free time...which I don't have nowadays.
Wooly Covfefe Jul 21 @ 1:36pm 
62 gigabytes. Good God.

Estimated time, 9 hours.
Wooly Covfefe Jul 21 @ 1:33pm 
I'm playing FFX at 8x resolution. I'm pushing 50, and I'm astounded whenever I get back into the emulation scene, which is about once every 5 or so years.

Like I have always said, TL2 will be ever evolving, We will see 4k TL2. Emulated on post-PC computers, 30 years hence.