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I like cats, doggos and pizza.
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Comp Gaming:

= Currently on hiatus from any Comp Games for the forseeable future. =

Fortress Forever:
- 2015 4v4 NA #ff.pickup League: =PWN= (League Dissolved) - 2W | 3L (Medic, Engi)
- 2016 2v2 NA Travincial FF 2v2 S1: -Dicks- (League Dissolved) - 2W | 1L (Scout, Soldier)

Team Fortress 2:
- 2016 HL ETF2L S11 Open: the shpee's are we (Team Dissolved/Left Team) - 1W | 0L (Solly, Engi - Team Page [])
- 2017 4v4 UGC NA S10 Steel: Strawberry Mango 4v - 11W | 0L CHAMPIONS
(Medic, Engi - Team Page [])

PUGs Played for: Fortress Forever, Team Fortress 2, Team Fortress Classic, Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive


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IRC: doublah @ Freenode, Mozilla & GameSurge.
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holy shit you fucking won steel 4s last season what in the actual fuck i didn't know you could be a champion in any fortress game what the flying fuck
snwi Apr 12 @ 5:24am 
-rep baguette fister
doublah Mar 23 @ 7:01pm 
01:58 doublahroublah: actually i am really average at video games
doublah Mar 23 @ 11:34am 
fucking frenchies
eam Mar 23 @ 10:04am 
Hi, i'm Drummer.

I like baguette, baguette and baguette.
doublah Mar 16 @ 10:05am 
my dog is a cat