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1.Comment on my profile before adding me or you will be ignored.
2. I'm a funny guy
3. No begging for items
4. I don't keep people in my friendlist UNLESS they serve a purpose

I love Pyro
I like and Medic
I Main Soldier
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Haiz too ez
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I'm a trader and I currently broker items
My Youtube Channel: DoomRanger
My Favorite Music: High Score
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My Favorite Singer: Ariana Grande
My Favorite Website: My BackpackTF Profile [backpack.tf]
My Gender: Male
My Status: Not in a relationship 😏
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I'm not a bot, give me time to accept your trade offers
Comment on my profile before adding me
Do not add me to trade, send me a trade offer
Give me a +REP after a trade is accepted
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Discord for GTAV (Crew members ONLY): https://discord.gg/eXCzwzG
Discord for Friends and Group Members: https://discord.gg/meGHVBP
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918 Hours played
I really recommend this to kids around 10 and above because its not too gorry or intense. The thing is after playing team fortresss 2, you tend to get worse at games like CS:GO etc.
But other than that its a pretty fun game also animations are sometimes hilarious to watch
So thumbs up for Team Fortess 2

I've been playing this game for more than a year now, it's still my favourite. Currently, there is the nomination thingy for games and obviously, being me, I nominated for TF2. I nominated it under the 5 more minutes Category... I mean obviously
Reason being this game is just a whole lot of fun and in some cases, addiction, Hope you will enjoy this game as much as me

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918 hrs on record
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