hello! you may know me as doob, any other aliases like toby have long been forgotten. as it stands i do not use steam as much as i did during my teen years. now have priorities set on life and what i plan on doing with life before considering taking up gaming again (which will probably never happen until i suffer from a major accident or i just grow old enough to not care). from a very young age i began to play tf2 as my first game, and have since then established a lifestyle adapted to playing video games, the most played game likely being world of warcraft. now, whenever i try to play one, i either:
a. fail horribly OR
b. get bored 10 minutes in and stop playing

so there you have it, i have essentially summed up my miserable teenage years into one category. nothing aside from gaming kept my enthusiasm going, so you will not see me talk about my past unless you prompt it in some way. i still come on to talk to people so if you see me on, drop me a message, i would love to see how you've held up over the years!

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"i'm just a man playing god with my thoughts"
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epic doob stories
6:05 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: >using toilet paper to wipe mustard off your food
6:05 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: wait
6:06 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: hol up
6:06 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: why is he throwing bits of beef in an oiled up pan
6:06 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: why didnt he bother to make it into a patty
6:07 PM - no love doob web: :^))))))))))
6:07 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: THIS
6:07 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: IS NOT
6:07 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: CHEESEBURGER

1:46 PM - Señor Cyphrus™: doob :)
1:49 PM - welcome to DOOB home of the DOOB: ayy
1:50 PM - Señor Cyphrus™: how ya been man
1:50 PM - Señor Cyphrus™: havent talked to you in 5ever
1:51 PM - Señor Cyphrus™ is now Offline.

2:16 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: why do you have a butt
2:25 PM - doob⭐: butts are cute
2:25 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: indeed
2:25 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: but why a butt
2:25 PM - doob⭐: why not
2:26 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: seems about right

4:00 PM - ✠ℭaptain ℘atriot✠: theres no such thing as girls on the internet doob
4:03 PM - DOOB: thats the secret zeke
4:03 PM - DOOB: i can find trannies

12:40 PM - DOOB: yes
12:40 PM - DOOB: as the lost
12:40 PM - DOOB: give me every boss that fucking SHITS projectiles
12:41 PM - DOOB: oh and before you do
12:41 PM - DOOB: give me 9 lives and a 1up to taunt me
12:42 PM - Frank: KEK

---: but
---: is this shit noice tho
doob og: what
---: my pic
doob og: i snorted
doob og: then i saw your message box
doob og: and felt bad
---: i will throw away your homework if you don't compliment me
doob og: you handsome devil you~
---: I will spare you

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