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Created by - Ice and JHGaming
Ok, creds to my friend JHGaming for this,

First, you have to press tab and it should hover over the "Earn Money" Button

Then you have to press and hold enter for 15 seconds or untill you get the achievement.
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Oh yep Counter-Strike,

So if you wanna know how this game is like, firstly go play Team Fortress 2. That game gives a little hint on what you can expect on this game.

This game has it pros and cons:

1. Its a fun game you can play with your friends!
2. You can join servers with your friends and surf or either just chill and relax.

1.Gaben, our leader doesn't care about this game at all. He only goes to Dota 2 events but (League Of Legends is better).
2. Don't buy cases. The odds of you getting good stuff on this game is like jumping off a plane with no parachute and still live. It's nearly Impossible.
3. There are a lot of hackers on this game. Valve Anti-Cheat need to be fixed on this game.
4. Hitboxes are crap. Apparantly when you shoot somebody in the head it doesn't inflict any damage.
5. I could go on and on about the stupid things that this game does but I have no time for it, It's is 2AM.

Although with all the stupid stuff, this game has! I would still recommend it. Experience what we had to experience.
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"Mistake" By Ice [Rhyming Poem]
Out of the womb, touched by hands
Traveling all across these lands
Thinking to myself that made me awake
Was I a mistake?
I asked my mom this
She responded with a hiss
I was sad thinking about it
Is my life this one stupid trick
I thought about it at Night
Went to sleep angry like I was gonna fight
Had a dream
God was there with me
I asked the thing that I was thinking about
And what I come to find out
God said your not
And my question has been finally found out.

About Me Poem By Ice
I go through the day expecting things of me to change.
The sun punches the happiness within me.
I try to be nice with everybody but my personality says otherwise
I try to change but it will never happen.
I will always be known as a friend and nothing more.

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LegitNL 10 hours ago 
+rep n(ice) guy, donated some games for a giveaway
MJTT12 Jul 23 @ 2:22pm 
Hellzpriest Jul 23 @ 10:17am 
Thanks for donating games to giveaway and giving us atleast 5 mins of entertainment.
Khalamity Jane Jul 11 @ 11:11pm 
Always happy to win games and also give games for others to win. Loads of fun. I love your page btw.
TotoMetal ツ Jul 9 @ 11:29am 
+rep nice profile
JHGaming Jul 6 @ 10:43am 
Hey added you to talk about your profile, saw your little animation thing and wondered if you could help me with one, or direct me to the person that made yours for you