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donovin   Illinois, United States
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bnet: donovin#11441
tf2/cs sens: 4.5 in game 1000 dpi (3.6 inches/360)
ow sens: 10 in game 1000 dpi (5.5 inches/360)

s19 b4nny's flocka flamingos (2 matches main till left) roamer open
s21 the baddies (sub) roamer open
s22 bob-omb squad (main) roamer open
s23 ANKLE SPRAIN ESPORTS (main till team died) roamer open/the baddies (sub) roamer IM
s24 ISSAKNIFE/ape escape (main till team died) pocket IM

s15 banana bombers (main) spy steel
s16 the killer hats (main) soldier steel (2nd place)
s16 steel all stars soldier (1st place)
s17 spicy+ support (sub) soldier and spy silver
s19 kid warrior (sub) soldier and spy plat
s20 the wittmen (main) scout and soldier gold
s21 new generation crew (main) spy and soldier plat
s22 new generation crew (main) soldier plat [current]

s4 classic crew (main) soldier and demo steel (3rd place)
s7 classic crew v2 (main) soldier silver (undefeated 1st place)

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10,097 hrs on record
last played on Jul 22
750 hrs on record
last played on Jul 9
3.9 hrs on record
last played on Jun 13
category5gayanyerysm Jul 18 @ 12:28am 
perlucidus Jul 11 @ 8:14pm 
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charis @ vacay till 29th Jul 9 @ 5:16pm 
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jaymineDiamonds Jul 7 @ 8:27pm 
uwus in u ^b^
charis @ vacay till 29th Jun 24 @ 5:44am 
when i was 12 my mother was at a friends house and i went as well and the friends 32yr old son named Donny was playing Sonic on the ps1 and i went to see what he was playing then he locked me in his room and told me i had to eat a whole Watermelon or he was going to make me look at his bum so i ate the whole watermelon because i had no choice