Dr. Nick
Nick Warr   Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
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TF2: Axeassins, Randomizer Arena, XPG 2fort Party

No, I don't want to join your group, random stranger that I have nothing in common with.
Expect to be reported if you can't read this.

2:23 AM - Novocaine: not seriously
2:24 AM - Dr. Nick: I know
2:24 AM - Novocaine: okay, just making sure
2:24 AM - Novocaine: you are a NICE GUY
2:25 AM - Novocaine: and would CARE about the DEATH of a FRIEND
2:25 AM - Dr. Nick: mad libs
2:25 AM - Novocaine: you are a SANDVICH
2:25 AM - Novocaine: and would WIGGLE about the BRAIN of a HEAVY

Bread: same with DR. nick
Bread: nobody hates him
K-lash: hes alot like scruffy from futurama
K-lash: some side character
Bread: YES
K-lash: everyone overlook
K-lash: s
Bread: the lovable but often overlooked side character
K-lash: he comes to all the games
K-lash: and does nothing
K-lash: but eats sandwiches
K-lash: does his own thing
K-lash: and no one cares
K-lash: not even the other team

mazzaroo entered chat.
mazzaroo: oh goodness me, I seemed to have stumbled into nick and snail snoozing together in axe chat~
mazzaroo left chat.

Saturday, October 15, 2011
5:04 AM - Bread: What do you prefer?
5:04 AM - Dr. Nick: uhh
5:04 AM - Dr. Nick: I accidentally hit the x button on the chat window
5:04 AM - Dr. Nick: could you say that again?
5:05 AM - Bread: I'm taking a survey, how many girlscout cookies did you buy?
5:05 AM - Dr. Nick: 2 boxes
5:06 AM - Bread: 3:04 AM - Bread: Hey, I'm drunk! Lets talk about your sexuality.
3:04 AM - Bread: What do you prefer?
5:06 AM - Dr. Nick: oh
5:06 AM - Dr. Nick: The answer still applies
5:06 AM - Dr. Nick: :)
5:06 AM - Bread: I see!
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Hello, could you tell BMCha to get in touch with me next time he comes online? I really need to talk with him regarding work related stuff.
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Potato is the way of life.
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eyy happy new years buddy ^^
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ノ)   ∧__∧     )ヽ
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   /`ヽ _/\__') I'm here to fuck ur bitch
Apollo Jan 14, 2015 @ 5:09pm 
i changed my passwords and everything
Apollo Jan 14, 2015 @ 5:08pm 
ya dude im running a virus scan now