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Thanks everyone for your support during i58 + Rewind, it was much appreciated <3


PSN: Geoh01

(SourceTV) Darby Nguyen : big middi from asia man


project Geoh >:| - srs face: go suck a doodle
ϟ.r0bd0gz. is now Online.
ϟ.r0bd0gz.: Fuck yes!
ϟ.r0bd0gz.: ive always wanted to do that

hot red lovin: ill dream about you and rub my mangina

beta. Pudddy: tf2pug
beta. Pudddy: 3 more geo
Geoh: cute
beta. Pudddy: ITS NOT CUTE

zing FTW: take that asian shit out of your name for gods sake
[JWOW] Geoh Kawaii =^.^=: Kawaii!!!
zing FTW: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck your so weird
zing FTW is now Offline.

ººº fidoesntnamethis: GEOH
ººº fidoesntnamethis: FAGGOT DOG LORD
ººº fidoesntnamethis: OF FAGGOT DOGS

burk: i like sweaty men fighting
burk: its not gay i swear

Geoh: you play tf2
Geoh: are you good?
atomicsalmon: checked my inventory?

*DEAD* >8) Harbs (8< : nice
*DEAD* cX. Cab : actually?
*DEAD* >8) Harbs (8< : no
*DEAD* >8) Harbs (8< : by nice i meant shit

6:22 PM - Endorphins: shud alias
6:22 PM - Endorphins: so noobs wont gag on your dikc
6:22 PM - Endorphins: dick
6:22 PM - jmh: ok
6:22 PM - jmh: i will name myself the shittest player i know
6:23 PM - jmh has changed their name to milkmaiden.

poop has found: Halloween Goodie Cauldron
poop has found: Spellbook Magazine
six^ Geoh : nice find man
poop : what's it for
suoicorta ^xis : spell casting
suoicorta ^xis : we're playing a jrpg

1:47 AM - buddah: thats GAYYYYYskies
1:49 AM - buddah: adios
1:49 AM - buddah: hasta luego
1:49 AM - buddah: au revoir
1:49 AM - buddah: ciao
1:49 AM - buddah: bye

12:02 AM - snow is my bitch: im goin
12:02 AM - snow is my bitch: to tha bed
12:02 AM - snow is my bitch: to crashkies
12:02 AM - Geoh: fuck you
12:02 AM - snow is my bitch: on bedskies

11:56 PM - TOAsTER: cant even spell your own name
11:56 PM - TOAsTER: you know what im doing now
11:56 PM - TOAsTER: im watching alex williamson
11:56 PM - TOAsTER: what are you doing
11:56 PM - TOAsTER: watching anime
11:56 PM - TOAsTER: fucking gross

12:11 AM - toaster: i could be div 1 if i cared

Chloe : ahah ive had fun playing with you circlejerking idiots, gl being a rangai ben, and being a neckbeard geoh xD

3:35 PM - Geoh: hows cs you faggot
3:36 PM - dead: fucking shit all i do is carry shitcunts and then we lose because everyone who plays this game is fucking retarded

2:48 AM - Raymon: ur a beast mate

3:15 PM - MotherfuckerJones: m8 tigerlilly will love it when i eat through her panties to get to her sweaty snatch
3:16 PM - MotherfuckerJones: nothing wrong with a sweaty snatch m8 take it from me, extra flavour
3:16 PM - MotherfuckerJones: nice n salty

5:25 PM - Jacky Murda:
5:26 PM - Geoh: :o
5:26 PM - Geoh: you reckon shes been sweating all day from the sun mate
5:26 PM - Geoh: ?
5:27 PM - Jacky Murda: i fkn hope so m8
5:27 PM - Jacky Murda: so i can gnaw right through that bikini and suck the juice out

12:12 AM - mx darbs: gotta love it
12:12 AM - mx darbs: when the team is full of chinks
12:12 AM - mx darbs: who suck at the fucking game

3:22 PM - O heaven: id be that good of a pornstar
3:22 PM - O heaven: that she like clears out her schedule like a year in advance
3:22 PM - O heaven: so shes hell tight
3:22 PM - O heaven: and i give her brain damage from how many times i make her orgasm
3:22 PM - O heaven: that she contracts like downsyndrome

2:02 AM - arofe: dude if you take me to lan as med ill sneak pills in my asshole
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flamekongღ Apr 28 @ 5:47am 
added cuz I like your roblox frag movies
Mitch Apr 8 @ 5:03pm 
Added cause of steel allstars
stolen pic of pretty girl Mar 31 @ 4:33pm 
The fact that you would even laugh about it just has he is released from jail is so fucked up...
stolen pic of pretty girl Mar 31 @ 4:27pm 
Fuck you cunt he raped me and sillysasuage at lan, and also raped buddah... Not funny...!!
Geoh Mar 31 @ 4:23pm 
Well jokes on you mate!! My mum is actually Seeker
stolen pic of pretty girl Mar 30 @ 8:33pm 
She fucking loved it boys 🚀🚀