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[Highlander] ETF2L S12 - Mid - Dr. med.
[Highlander] ETF2L S11 - High/Mid - Dr. med.
[Highlander] ETF2L S10 - Mid - Dr. med.
[Highlander] ETF2L S09 - Mid - Dr. med.
[Highlander] ETF2L S08 - Mid - Dr. med.
[Highlander] ETF2L S07 - Div4 - Dr. med.
[Highlander] ETF2L S06 - Div4 - Dr. med.
[Highlander] ETF2L S05 - Div5 - Dr. med.
[Highlander] ETF2L S04 - Div3 - CWClan
[Highlander] ETF2L S03 - Div4 - CWClan
[Highlander] ETF2L S02 - Div5 - CWClan
[Highlander] ETF2L S01 - Div6 - CWClan

[Highlander] UGC S21 - Silver - Dr. med.
[Highlander] UGC S20 - Plat - Dr. med.
[Highlander] UGC S19 - Gold - Dr. med.
[Highlander] UGC S18 - Gold - Dr. med.
[Highlander] UGC S17 - Plat - Dr. med.
[Highlander] UGC S16 - Gold - Dr. med.
[Highlander] UGC S15 - Silver - Dr. med.
[Highlander] UGC S14 - Gold - Dr. med.
[Highlander] UGC S13 - Silver - Dr. med.

[6v6] ETF2L S21 - Open - Mosby Boys
[6v6] ETF2L S19 - Div6 - Mosby Boys
[6v6] ETF2L S18 - Div6 - Mosby Boys
[6v6] ETF2L S17 - Div6 - Yay Violence!
[6v6] ETF2L S16 - Div5 - Vier // Green
[6v6] ETF2L S14 - Div5 - addict! eSports
[6v6] ETF2L S13 - Div6 - Incorporated

And last but not least: DeutschLAN 2015 and 2016!
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      About me

● Nicknames: DizAmbiguation, Diz, Dizzy
● Birthday: november 10
● Gender: female
● Hair: long, brown
● Eyes: dark brown
● Tattoos: yes
● Drinking: nope
● Smoking: nope
● Hobbies: gaming (orly?), photography, reading, writing, drawing, crafting,
   psychology, politics, music and movies, daydreaming, being with family & friends
● Motto: "sui cuique mores fingunt fortunam"
● Job: copywriting
● Friendlist: sometimes I sort out - nothing personal, though
● Adding: just do it, if you like, maybe I'll accept
● Trading: I don't trade any of my items, don't bother asking

      About TF2

I'm the proud founder of the Doctors of Mediocrity, the oldest HL team out there, which is currently led by His Majesty LionKing. Just like my more than 7000 hours TF2 indicate, it's my favourite game.
If I win or lose is not that important to me, I play just to have fun with my friends. Gaming is only a hobby for me and real life will always be more important. If you don't understand that, try to get a real life too, it's really awesome.
The Doctors play both ETF2L and UGC. If you wanna scrim us with your mid/high/plat team (on sunday, monday or wednesday), just add me or LionKing.

In casual I will often go Medic and heal your ass, so be nice and protect me while I do so. If I want to have more fun, I'll go Pyro. In this case my slogan is "Brennen alles Dinge!", like Mister Notional once said. Soldier is one of my favourite classes too and not only because I own the most badass unusual for him. You will see me as almost every class now and then, except Spy - HOW DO YOU PLAY THIS CLASS, SRSLY!?

When it comes to maps ...
Badwater, Upward, Barnblitz, Borneo, Steel
Product, Lakeside, Swiftwater and all remaining pl maps
Every single 5cp map out there, I just hate running so much

When it comes to taunts and saltyness ...
I taunt, when something funny happened or I'm just happy that something turned out my way. Nothing personal, mate. And if you taunt me, it's fine too. Have fun! I don't get salty that easy, in the end it's just a game. If it makes you salty, just quit and do something else instead.
And remember: "A person is just about as big as the things that make them angry".

      About anything else

I'm a nice person, but I don't tolerate certain things, such as misogyny, homophobia, racism and any other form of discrimination. Fortunately the mute button involves the ingame chat too. So if I don't answer your silly bullshit, you might be muted already. Sometimes I disable the ingame chat anyways. So maybe it's nothing personal, if I ignore you.

Talking about ignoring people ... I'm not staring at chat windows 24/7. So if we have a chat going on and I don't answer anymore, I'm maybe afk, talking with my significant other in RL or I'm just busy with something else. Don't spam me, just because you need someone to entertain you. And I really hate these single "?" without any question. You are able to form sentences, aren't you?

Dear trader mains out there: fuck off!
You can't imagine how many friend requests I get from those people. I own all nine unusual hats I ever wanted, with custom names and descriptions plus a pair of earbuds for each class, so they can hear different songs. There isn't anything you could offer me. It was a lot of trading and I'm SO happy to be done with it, because it's annoying af.

Update: If you add me for trading, I'll block you. I really need to stop this adding madness from you damn trader folks. :D

      Favourite Quotes

Prph@: winter update, yay
Dizzy: Gibt's irgendwas umsonst? :D
Prph@: ne socke
Prph@: mit müll drin
Prph@: wie immer also :>

Citrus 5: In russia we don't know what's tzaziki
Atzebumm: its greek yoghurt with gurke und gewürzen

Kuli: Real Life Myth Buster sind dumme Menschen, glaub ich

Prph@: Frostl ... hört sich Bayrisch an
Frostl: Nein, ich bin deutsch

Kerrie: Exodus 9 Uhr 15

Kuferl: Ch hab ltze woche0bacrdi getrnkn
Kuferl: !!!
Dizzy: Du musst mehr Vokale benutzen, sonst versteh ich dich nicht. :D

      Favourite Gamers

Most attractive: LionKing
Most funny: Prph@
Most generous: Beckler
Most crazy: Nurse
Most cute: Chime
Most friendly: Nick
Most mannerly: Selek
Most easygoing: Sylvaer
Most trusty: Lawn
Most british: Ling-Ling

      Favourite Songs

Studio Killers - Jenny
Caravan Palace - Lone Digger
Donkeyboy - City Boy
Rameses B - Visionary
Papa Roach - Kick In The Teeth
Those Dancing Days - Fuckarias
The Kooks - Bad Habit
Dear Reader - Great White Bear
D-Bo - Durchzug


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